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Written by bbg on Monday, 2nd Mar 2020 21:33

A lot of blame gets thrown about on this site and on other media with owner, manager and players on the receiving end. I haven't seen too many posts where supporters have taken the blame for the current predicament, because you had a massive role in it.

Every national pundit was agreed that Mick McCarthy was doing an incredible job with the budget available and whatever about his general likeability factor as an individual, he was liked and respected as a manager by his players wherever he had been, brought some excellent players to the club and got results.

Neither was it realistic that we could compete with Premier League parachute payments, though people are always happy to squander someone else's money. Demanding that we play an expansive game from the back in an era where high pressing was never as intense or well-coached and without the resources to recruit multiple new players was always extremely high risk, if not a suicide mission.

I would still be hopeful that there is enough character in the squad to get into the top six this season and believe we have a capable manager, but make no mistake this division will become a lot tougher next season and following seasons.

As for those of you who thought relegation would be a good thing for the club, those who thought we should get a young manager from the lower divisions, maybe you should hold your hands up, because you are as responsible as any of the other stakeholders, maybe more so.

Supporters, usually without an ounce of experience in management, nowadays think they are better placed to run the club and team and those appointed, rather than just support the club.

I don't have any particular agenda regarding McCarthy or his era, for him substitute Sean Dyche, Tony Pulis, Neil Warnock, Chris Wilder, Chris Hughton, they all have one thing in common, they took clubs into the Premier League using pragmatic football as they saw fit, not what others dictated, which improved and disimproved with the budgets and players available, by making the best of their resources.

Supporters should support their clubs and leave the managing to others. If you want to coach and manage, there are avenues available, don't try to start at the top level of professional football where your negative influence is more likely to ruin your club.

If you are looking for a scapegoat now, maybe many need to have a look at themselves.

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Bloots added 21:36 - Mar 2

stonojnr added 22:01 - Mar 2
should have saved this for April 1st. If you genuinely think Towns supporters are at fault for the mess we are in, well I disagree. Frankly we'd be in the same position in the same league if McCarthy was still in charge, the losing streak of 10 games from his has last 20 games in charge had nothing to do with the fans did it ?. Yet part of me still agrees, because we as fans just accept the performances on the pitch handed to us and grumble quietly on the internet yet turn up every week, if the fans were more agitated, got more vocal, got more critical, complained more vocally, put their point across more loudly to the people running the club, maybe the players would give more effort on the pitch, the manager would demand more from them, but whilst apathy reigns and remains, and people seek scapegoats instead of focusing on the real issues then nothing will change.

Daleyitfc added 22:06 - Mar 2
Drivel. At least it was short.

Umros added 22:17 - Mar 2
Poor blog, poor argument.

algarvefan added 22:42 - Mar 2
I think on the whole the fans have been excellent and gave the club amazing support even through relegation last season. McCarthy did on the whole do well for us with very little resourcing but eventually if you starve a patient he will die, McCarthy was getting nowhere and his relationship with the fans (his own fault) had soured.

Ipswich fans are not complacent, it's just never really been our way to be unpleasant or overly vocal, we have in the main, good well behaved supporters and I hope we always will. Boycotting or booing has never helped the club where fans do that.

I like many others keep watching and hope for improvement, there are positives and some good young players, there are enough miserable moaning people in the world and I don't intend adding to their numbers. I will simply just keep supporting the team, voicing my opinion for what it's worth, nobody is forcing me or any of you, it's called football, it's often painful, but deep down we still love the game and our team.

Illinoisblue added 22:54 - Mar 2
This is the worst blog post in the history of the Internet.

SuffolkGal added 23:01 - Mar 2
What a load of utter rubbish.
Clear off and support MM, it's lovely in Ireland at this time of year.

Lathers added 23:03 - Mar 2
Seriously? Do you tell beaten wives they were lucky to have been with their husbands and they should just shut up and keep cooking? Can’t actually believe I’ve just read this or that TWTD allowed it to be published. Shame on you. I’m having a tough enough time supporting the town without some knobb who clearly knows nothing about MY CLUB or football, writing something so inflammatory.


Ryorry added 23:34 - Mar 2


skankerman added 06:20 - Mar 3
Thank you for your blog Mr Evan's or associate

Churchman added 07:31 - Mar 3
This is wrong on so many levels, not least effectively blaming the supporters of this club. It was once a well run mid sized club. It’s peers were the likes of Derby, Wolves West Ham and of course the lot up the road. It’s peers now are Fleetwood and Accrington. We are Tiny Towm, Div 1 minnows, hoping scraping a draw with Gillingham or maybe a big cup draw with Brentford. We are reduced to holding our hands up and say we can only admire and look up to Rotherham, Wycombe and Peterborough. I disagree. Why should we accept that or a faceless owner who came here for a fast buck running the club into oblivion? Why should we accept one decent season, playing Stone Age football, in 10 years or more?

You may wish to happy clap that, but I don’t. As for McCarthy, he always came across as thinking he was better than the club. His football was awful and so was his attitude to the paying public. He’d had his time and did the best he could with the crumbs our beloved owner gave him and his seriously limited ability. He is looked upon by many with rose tinted spectacles I think because of those that preceded and succeeded him. Their .....derisory efforts speak for themselves.

It all comes back to Evans and trying to pin it on the 16-20,000 people that pay week in week out to watch unending dross makes no sense to me.

rickw added 10:00 - Mar 3
You have completely missed the point!
Supporters spend their own money to watch football because they generally enjoy it - and very very few ITFC fans enjoyed MM's Ipswich towards the end - the majority including me just stopped going!

After nearly every match I left thinking I had just wasted £30 and 2 hours of my life, if I'd been watching paint dry at least I'd have been warm!!
Only a few dispute MM's results but it was dull and I support ITFC and want to enjoy watching football again.

National media only look at the results, the only reason any of us are on here is because at some point we enjoyed watching ITFC play - and that wasn't going to happen to any new generations whilst MM was in charge.

ElephantintheRoom added 14:09 - Mar 3
Contraversial view - and maybe a bit tongue in cheek? You're broadly right of course, as satire often is - it is the absurd and unrealistic expectation of supporters that are largely to blame - but you could have gone further. The reason Evans has carte blanche to run the club into the ground was due to shareholding supporters who were turkeys voting for Christmas when an iota of common sense would have suggested he wasn't a fit and proper person to run any football club. If only the shareholding supporters had acted with common sense back then and demanded the directors do their duty (and perhaps even buy the club for the knockdown price they were effectively offering it to Evans) then who knows.... Beyond that I would suggest you tactfully ignore the likes of Norwich, Swansea, Charlton, Wigan etc who got promoted playing a different way.... but still largely drop back to where 'they belong'. Alan Curbishley had to go because he had taken Charlton as far as he could etc..... supporters of all clubs are ridiculous in their expectations - and largely impatient for these impossible delusions to be realized. Aside from that as one who saw relegation as a good thing.... I still do.... it is a chance to reboot the club - and supporters' attitudes. The former is obviously on hold or slipping backwards - but even within the strange surreal world of TWTD you see supporters griping and desperate for promotion.... for a few years the championship will be seen as the hallowed land and a treat - while all of one year ago it was being treated with the same absurd contempt now reserved for division three. Town supporters have become deluded by our strange recent history... an overlong stay in the top flight creating a generation of fans who think Town belong in the Prem - followed by a prolonged stay in the championship leading to righteous indignation. Most clubs of our size bob up and down a bit.... which creates a different level of expectation amongst supporters

RegencyBlue added 17:33 - Mar 3
Nice try but not one of your best Marcus!

ITFCsince73 added 17:57 - Mar 3
Unfortunately Mick left us no 4 & 8.
Otherwise a perfect clear out.

BcarefulwhatUWish4 added 07:47 - Mar 4
I was a long standing supporter of MM but even I had to admit that his time was up. Whenever I posted in support of him I'd get between -30 and -50 points within a few hours of the post. The relationship between MM and about 95% of supporters was gone. Supporters were fed up of the mid-table aim/lack of ambition at the club/quality of football. People wanted Premiership football for ITFC again. It's ok for supporters to have high ambitions but the gamble clearly hasn't paid off. As for the whole "league 1 will be great" etc, never really understood that. It's never positive to be relegated.

It was what happened after MM left that was the major issue.

matt1502 added 09:27 - Mar 4
Blame the supporters? I hope you get your crack habit supported you numpty!!!

midastouch added 21:39 - Mar 5
This blog post is like a fart in an elevator, i.e. wrong on so many levels! Mick the Dinobore had gone well past his sell-by-date. Evans cocked up by getting Hurst (was never convinced by him) and then Lambert (another one well past his sell-by-date). If he had of done his homework and got in somebody decent we'd still be in the Championship. Mick would have carried on parking the bus and kept us up by stuffing the midfield like sardines with defensive midfielders. Mick was a draw specialist. He'd also sneak in enough smash 'n' grabs (only made possible with Bart performing heroics in goal) to ensure safety, but alas it was about as exciting as watching paint dry. Evans has since rolled the dice on a pair of lame ducks in Hurst and Lambert and is consequently paying the price! He's forever backing the wrong horse is Evans. He always says ahead of each appointment that he's consulted far and wide in the game to ensure he gets the right man. Well I don't know who he's consulting aside from David IncomPleat (

Sherwood in Contention for Town Job 7th May 2018 14:15
TWTD understands former Tottenham and Aston Villa boss Tim Sherwood is a serious contender for the vacant Town manager’s job. 136

Ex-England International Campbell Linked With Town Interview 27th Apr 2018 00:10
Former England defender Sol Campbell is reportedly set to be interviewed by the Blues as owner Marcus Evans continues his search for a new manager. 65

Former England Man Parker Among Candidates for Town Job 27th Apr 2018 10:46
TWTD understands former England international Scott Parker is among the candidates for the Town manager’s job. 62

but whoever they are, they clearly are having a big f**k-off long-neck giraffe laugh at Marcus' expense!

KiwiBlue2 added 08:01 - Mar 8
ITFCsince73 - sorry for the accidental down arrow. I have never marked down on purpose. Perhaps 4 and 8 will go if there is a change of manager......

Dissboyitfc added 09:27 - Mar 22
Rubbish post!

In all the seasons of watching Ipswich home and away, there is only one game that really sticks out to me where I left the ground having thoroughly enjoyed the previous 90 mins , that game was Newcastle at Portman rd. In the main I felt bored throughout and unentertained on leaving the ground I felt numb!

The “ we start with a point, let’s keep that and try to Nick it at the end” attitude was the negativity killing our club, we did well to put up with it! Mick McCarthy was loved and respected by a great many who never had to endure his dour football, I am sure many who supported him on here and who still defend him never actually watched us play.

Quite simply he had to go and should have gone sooner! Had it not been for Barts heroics we would have been in the 3rd division sooner or later anyway.

Evans keeps making the wrong appointments, Lambert is not the right man, he has failed everywhere since he split with culverhouse, he has taken more teams down. Has to go at the end of this season, starting fresh with a clear out of the deadwood is the Only way forward !

I wanted MM gone and I take no blame for our present situation, I didn’t appoint Hurst, Evans did that!

One thing we can all agree on, the club is not in a great place, but blaming supporters for this is wrong! Our supporters in the main are excellent and probably amongst the most patient.Down to Evans to appoint the next manager and get it right this time!!!

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