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Your 5 favourite league games this season 21:59 - May 5 with 1261 viewsGlasgowBlue

Ipswich 3 Hull 0 Our most complete performance
Ipswich 4 Preston 2 A six pointer at the time. Sent out a signal that we were a promotion chasing side
Ipswich 3 Bristol City 2 "You think Ipswich Town are going to wither away in this promotion race. Think again.
Ipswich 3 Southampton 2 He's magic you know
Coventry 1 Ipswich 2 Not as convincing as Barnsley last season but got the job done and kept in our hands on the last day.

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Your 5 favourite league games this season on 22:01 - May 5 with 1214 viewsKeno

Honourable mention to Coventry at PR for the Burns goal

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Your 5 favourite league games this season on 22:15 - May 5 with 1149 viewsReuser_is_God

Yeah I wouldn’t change that as a top 5.

I’d give an honourable mention to Stoke at home. Bit of a statement win against a side, who at the time, were getting a lot of credit for their transfer business & we’d beat them 2-0 with a fair degree of comfort. It also confirmed that we could be more than competitive at this level after we’d been given bit of a wake up call in the first half against Sunderland the weekend before.

It was also after that game that I first contemplated back to back promotions.

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Your 5 favourite league games this season on 22:16 - May 5 with 1143 viewsMiaow

The 4–3 win over Blackburn was one of the most entertaining games I can remember. There could easily have been more goals. Luongo's winner was a great moment.

I also enjoyed Jackson's goal to make it 2–0 against Stoke in our first home (league) match. That sealed the win and made it two from two.

The ones you've mentioned were all special, but the Southampton one probably topped the lot until yesterday. Burns' trivela goal and Sarmiento's winner against the Saints were both moments where I could barely believe what I'd just seen.

It might not have been the prettiest goal and it wasn't a winner but I really enjoyed celebrating Morsy's deflected late equaliser against Leicester on Boxing Day. We deserved it.

The 2–1 against Sunderland at PR with Chaplin's headed winner was really good also, as was scoring late (twice) to beat Birmingham 3–1.

And hammering Wednesday 6–0 on my birthday weekend was brilliant.

So many moments to choose from and look back on. I'm probably still forgetting some.

Just an amazing (two) season(s).

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Your 5 favourite league games this season on 22:23 - May 5 with 1098 viewsE_I_E_I_E_I_O

Yesterday has to be the best for me. An occasion no one will ever forget.

Sunderland away - Away at a big ground the games we seem to struggle over the years even when doing well. Felt different now.

Southampton home - The late drama and realising we still very much in the hunt.

Blackburn home - The sheer amount of goals and drama.

Coventry away - In my my mind was pretty much home and hosed after that result.
Your 5 favourite league games this season on 22:35 - May 5 with 1037 viewsKropotkin123

Rotherham was pretty special. To let one in on 90+4, only to go and get a winner in 90+5 after having no momentum was impressive.

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Your 5 favourite league games this season on 22:45 - May 5 with 983 viewsMach_foreignBlue

1. Yesterday. For the obvious reasons.

2. Coventry last Tuesday. I know it's selfish. It was tense that is why I was praying towards the heaven.

3. Sarmiento's 97 min. winner. Never had I seen Portman Road erupted like they did that evening.

4. Having been twice behind and still beating Bristol City.

5.Sunderland and Stoke.....first two games.....for my selfish Son who had been there with me have truly fallen in love with Ipswich.....he grew up in the East Manchester area but he is a victim of my brainwashing........50/50 Man City and Ipswich
Your 5 favourite league games this season on 22:45 - May 5 with 984 viewsEuropablue

Cardiff at home needs a mention, as does Rotherham at home!
Your 5 favourite league games this season on 22:49 - May 5 with 963 viewsedd

Perhaps an odd "favourite" not being a win but Hull last week was a great game, atmosphere and thought both teams played really well. I think a few of us were still shattered at Coventry from that trip.
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Your 5 favourite league games this season on 22:58 - May 5 with 905 viewsTheBoyBlue

Stoke at home. First one back at this level and when I realised that we were going to do OK. Although I never imagined how OK!

Cardiff at home - that comeback!

Blackburn at home. So exciting!

Preston at home, which was the first time I believed we were in a promotion race.

Southampton at home. That winner, the atmosphere!

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Your 5 favourite league games this season on 08:02 - May 6 with 577 viewsPendejo

Either people not reading your brief or essentially agreeing with you, adding games but not replacing.... It's a top 5 dammit!

1. Huddersfield H 2-0
The emotion, achievement and everything you save digitally and will be drop released by RetroITFC on Twitter in 25 years time. I will be gone by then but those of you 30s and younger will understand one day. Don't take the 3 in a row CL win for granted. Oops wrong era message.

2. Southampton H 3-2
That's football at its cruelly and finest. That's a McKenna team on a mission. The bruised rib sustained in 3rd goal. Worth it.

3. Sheffield Wednesday H 6-0
I was genuinely nervous, thought the consecutive league defeats for McKenna were coming. I like being this wrong. Rohl has done a great job with them (must avoid obvious pun!) but we Rohled them over (nope can't)

4. Plymouth A 2-0
Weekender! Last season we gained 3 points against the teams either side of us, this season we won 12points against those same teams. If Leeds go up we double them next season.

5. Millwall A 4-0
My home game. Took 2 days off work cos I knew it'd be a long night. But despite being no.5 here it's actually my favourite both on and off the pitch.
Al Hamadi first Ipswich goal
Free triple cheeseburger after game
Meeting Sarmiento's F&F
Drunkenly meeting the players expressing heartfelt thanks and them looking at me like some drunken old idiot that sounds more Millwall than Ipswich... Ok they're probably right.

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Your 5 favourite league games this season on 08:06 - May 6 with 558 viewsDubtractor

I'd swap out the Preston home game for the 3-2 win against Cardiff, after being 2-0 down.

That game summed up our refusal to lay down and be beaten, no matter how many times we needed to show it.

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Your 5 favourite league games this season on 08:10 - May 6 with 542 viewsHerbivore

Hull (H)
Saints (A)
Saints (H)
Brizzle (H)
Huddersfield (H)

Quite tough to pick just five.

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