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Jewell: I'm Sure Keane Will Be a Success Elsewhere
Jewell: I'm Sure Keane Will Be a Success Elsewhere
Tuesday, 11th Jan 2011 11:06

New boss Paul Jewell says his predecessor Roy Keane can still to go on to be a success in management despite his two-year stint with the Blues having been brought to an early end last week.

Jewell says he hasn’t spoken to the former Ireland skipper, who was relieved of his duties last Thursday after 20 months at Portman Road, but expects him to be back in management sooner rather than later: “I haven’t had any contact with Roy Keane.

"I understand it’s a difficult time when you lose a job and I have great respect for Roy Keane, both as a player and a man. I don’t know him that well, but as a manager he did a fine job at Sunderland.

“For whatever reasons things didn’t work out here but he’ll go on to other things and will I’m sure be very successful."

The ex-Bradford, Sheffield Wednesday, Wigan and Derby boss says he has sympathy with Keane, having been in a similar position himself in the past: “I’m not here to say that Roy Keane failed at Ipswich. It’s always hard when a manager loses his job, it’s happened to a lot of us. Great respect has to be paid to Roy Keane, certainly from my point of view.”

Meanwhile, chief executive Simon Clegg says some of the squad may have found the going too tough under the former boss: “Roy is a demanding individual and some of his players found him particularly demanding.

“At our level we were able to operate very effectively as two professional individuals, but I recognise that the training ground was totally his domain.”

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fourth added 11:22 - Jan 11
Yes, I think we are all quite pleased that RK has the opportunity to excel elsewhere.

itfcst added 11:28 - Jan 11
Didn't he say this almost word for word yesterday on Sky at 1pm?

Jewell_in_the_Town added 11:31 - Jan 11
Note that PJ didn't actually say that Keane would go on to be a success as a manager but that he would go on to 'other things'. I think that diplomatic comments are a requirement in these circumstances.

brian_a_mul added 11:41 - Jan 11
“For whatever reasons things didn’t work out here".
Well Paul you soon find out why!!

Its good to have some diplomacy from a manager.

bedsitfc added 11:44 - Jan 11
I think its the last we will see of roy keane in management

onlybluesandhorses added 11:58 - Jan 11
Yes, I am sure Keane could be successful at dogwalking but not football management. On the basis of the last 18 months, that seems unlikely.

Garv added 12:00 - Jan 11
I respectfully disagree, massively.

MaySixth added 12:01 - Jan 11
Lots of news from the press conference being regurgated.

An exclusive would be nice.

Bluroo added 12:22 - Jan 11
Keane is built for higher level football than us. Stick him in charge of one of the Champions League teams or Internationals and he would excel, where he would be dealing with big players, egos and real pressure. His only flaw is his arrogance, I think some of the players and our club is unfortunately a bit beneath RK in hindsight. But he is in terms of the football world one of the smartest cookies out there.


BlooooCD added 12:24 - Jan 11
Any other team in the world is very, very welcome to Keane! I owudllove him to go to Narrich! ha ha! He has done some awful damage to our cub and I cannot see him succeeding anywhere other than at a club with truck loads of disposable cash! Good luck wherever you go.... Decent guy, but as a manager - Not for me thanks.

clive_baker added 12:37 - Jan 11
Keane ruled by fear which some people will respond well to but most wont. He also suffered from being considerably better than any of the players he was managing. It can be massively frustrating and he clearly didnt always know how to control that frustration. The best players dont necessarily make the best managers for this exact reason. See Keane, Shearer, Barnes, Maradona etc as examples while the Premier league has been dominated by managers who were good players (Atkinson, Fergie, Wenger, Hodgson, Benitez, Mourinho, Redknapp etc) but not exceptional.

bluelady added 12:42 - Jan 11
your not here to say Roy failed at Ipswich. Ok i will do it for you 'Roy failed at Ipswich!'. loved the two interviews i have heard so far, very optimistic and as you can see by pic my glass is most definately half full!!!

TractorRoyNo1 added 12:46 - Jan 11
well said mr jewell

hollywoodginge added 12:47 - Jan 11
I do not want the players at this club who found Roy Keane too demanding of them, He demanded they give 100% every day in training and in every match, the same as us fans expect, these players should not be professional footballers at this level if they cant cope with high demands from a manager with a wining mentality, they ultimately are the reason why we have suffered severe failings of late in my opinion, there ambition did not match Keane's. I leave myself open to attack for sticking up for Keane but I happen to believe with conviction that Keane was only partially to blame for our recent form, i believe he made poor signings yes but he had to sign somebody, the players he got i often felt were possibly his 3rd or 4th choice as the club would not/could not negotiate the deals for his main targets. I believe Keane will be a good manager, unfortunatley for us and unbeknown to him, we havent got experienced football people above him at this club. Im a town fan first but a huge supporter of football in general, Roy Keane was one of the most inspirational and talented footballers of a recent generation, he deserves a place in the game, i was gutted it didnt work out with us but i wish him well, Going forward I think Paul Jewell will be a very astute appointment, Im looking forward to seeing how things develop under his leadership, I hope he is given time, something the beautiful game appears to have forgotten

Apologies for any offence caused to anyone.

TractorRoyNo1 added 12:52 - Jan 11
but some do - Dalgeeesh, Keegan (?), Klinsmann, Hoddle (?), Beckenbauer etc so there are good and bad

"The best players dont necessarily make the best managers for this exact reason."

Martus added 13:04 - Jan 11
Keanes still learning, he obviusly did something right at Sunderland, so i think he will find another management job soon.

But the man is the worst manager ive seen in terms of transfers.

itfc1981 added 13:10 - Jan 11
Kind words, untrue though.

BurleyForever added 13:27 - Jan 11
RK could go to Peterbourgh,not to far for him to travel or maybe southend as there manager wont be there for much longer.
Or even better send him back to Ireland maybe he can stabilise the economy with the money he has made here.

JayITFC added 13:49 - Jan 11
Hope not. Never have and never will like Keane. Thug.

brian_a_mul added 14:04 - Jan 11
Hollywoodginge, no need to apologise for anything!
Keane did have his good points and for a number of different reasons it diddnt work out for him. His willingness to bring youth through is a positive that may stand to the club for years to come.

I know what you mean regards signings but Evans backed Keane fully in his transfers during his first summer with Martin, Leadbitter,Priskin & Edwards. Keane identified the players and Me/SC gave them the contracts they wanted. This turned out to be not so wise as Martin was given a crazy contract and will probably cost this club millions over the next few years. Im sure the other lads are on decent money too.
Its no surprise that the SC and ME were more cautious second time round. "Once bitten, twice shy" as they say. And rightly so!
Maybe the likes of Derry & MaCormack asked for high wages which is likely. They were both good performers at their respective clubs. Dont forget that the transfer fees were agreed. Also, Keane put in place a "locality" clause where players must live in the area which may have frightened off some potential players.

Hunter added 14:16 - Jan 11
the players just didnt play for him he wasnt a bad manager just not the right type for us? the players just didnt wanna play :/ but hopefully paul can do something
! :) 100% behind ya bud!

TractorBeezer added 15:11 - Jan 11
Hollywoodginge, I agree with some of what you say i.e. demanding 100% in training however that is just one dimension entailed with getting the best from players. It neeeds to be accompanied by appropriate constructive feedback and motivation. I sense that this was often missing e.g. when Priskin, Peters and Townsend were dropped after decent performances, did they really know and understand why? Alienation of the supporters didn't create the best environment either not to mention our strange formations and tactics (or lack thereof) on the pitch.
So far Paul Jewell comes across as having a different style...hopefully the "Ipswich Style"... which will translate into an enjoyable new beginning for us all.

paristractor added 16:47 - Jan 11
can someone pay to get his teeth whitened please....not gonna have many 3somes with those gnashers

kentblue added 18:07 - Jan 11
Hmmm . Don' t think RK will ever succeed in management ! It seems as if it is all " polite " management talk by Jewell

jas0999 added 18:19 - Jan 11
I agree. But Jewell would be better to concentrate on the current plight of ITFC than worry about Roy Keane.

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