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Merry Christmas Mick and Terry!
Wednesday, 24th Dec 2014 13:08

In the weeks before Christmas TWTD Message Boarders decided to buy presents for manager Mick McCarthy and his assistant Terry Connor as a mark of a appreciation for the job they’re doing with the Blues. Marc Newby - who posts as chrisswailes - took a collection - with any additional funds going to charity - and this morning he presented the Town bosses with their gifts at the training ground. He tells us how it went.

Mick and Terry seemed very surprised and happy, although Mick has a bit of a cold, so he didn't want to shake my hand!

Mick joked and asked "Should I share this with the players, yeah?”. He then went on to say, ”I'm glad that [the supporters] are happy with us.”

I explained the story behind it and how we wanted to show our appreciation and how the rest of the money was going to EACH and the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.

He seemed over the moon with that, and went on to say how fantastic EACH is and that I should have a look round. I've arranged to go on a tour in the new year.

I then met Patsy from EACH who thanked us all and accepted the cheque on behalf of SBRF as well. There were two cheques for £55, the presents, a mixture of beer, port and cheese, cost £57. If you missed the collection being taken, feel free to make a donation to EACH here or the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation here.

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Upbeat added 13:20 - Dec 24

Samassi100Abou added 13:22 - Dec 24
This is odd, great to raise money for Charity but im sure just a Card would have done it for MM and the letter, given his 1mill bonus for keeping us up the other year could buy his own IPA and gave all the money to Charity

alsagerblue added 13:26 - Dec 24
Makes you proud to be an ITFC and TWTD supporter!
Well done to all who participated.

Kropotkin123 added 13:28 - Dec 24
I think you are missing the point of the gift. I really has very little to do with how much MM earns. If it was primarily about charity, we would do it in our own time.

Illinoisblue added 13:30 - Dec 24
Well played, this is great.

J2BLUE added 13:35 - Dec 24
Absolutely brilliant. Thanks for all the effort you put in Marc.

Tractamatt added 13:39 - Dec 24
Great stuff all round. HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone and have an excellent new year where I'll see you at the promotion party:-D

ThatGuyJohnx added 13:48 - Dec 24
Thank you on behalf of all Ipswich fans! It's nice to know Mick and Terry are now aware of how appreciated their hard work has gone.

brian_a_mul added 13:50 - Dec 24
Thank you Mick, TC and all the staff at ITFC for giving us a great 2014 and real hope for 2015.

This is going to be the best Christmas ever!!!!!!!!!!

Ryorry added 13:57 - Dec 24
Top stuff, real feelgood factor which reflects what's happening on the pitch. A great club means great reciprocation between it and the fans, and it's really wonderful that that's happening right now at ITFC, all the sweeter by comparison with the years of dross under our previous 2 managers - who were as bad as each other!! Well done everybody, and a very happy Christmas + peaceful, upwardly-bound, 2015!

budgiebasher added 14:06 - Dec 24
Nice one Chrisswailes - thank you for taking the time and making the effort to sort this out

California_blue added 14:29 - Dec 24
well done TWTD its a great gesture, MM and TC have changed our club into something we can all be proud of, letting them know us supporters appreciate that is very timely. COYB !

warktheline added 15:32 - Dec 24
Well said californiablue.

MrBloo added 15:58 - Dec 24
Did you ask the key question that Phil has been avoiding at press conferences?

What's his favourite cheese?

Bluebell added 16:38 - Dec 24
Fantastic! Thank you for organising it Marc.

Well done for everyone who donated too. Very worthwhile causes. MM and TC now know how much we love them and 2 charities have a dontation each. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all on TWTD and Ipswich Town Football Club!

rinkydinkpanther added 17:04 - Dec 24

Yeah, agreed. This is a bit weird and strange. So, some supporters have split around £170 three ways between two charities and then presents for a couple of millionaires (who are paid extremely well for what they do anyway, which supporters are already contributing towards quite handsomely)?

*scratches head with best bemused face on, then shrugs*

OK, whatever people want to do with their money, I suppose.


jas0999 added 17:41 - Dec 24
Well done to all. Happy Christmas.

Luka added 17:44 - Dec 24
I knew there would be some negativity here from some idiots. Its piss all to do with money, its more the gesture, and appreciation. As well as this, it has helped some charities/organisations, who were also, no doubt, just as grateful. I think its fantastic, shows just how happy we as fans (on the whole, anyway) are with the work being done

Swailsey added 17:50 - Dec 24
Thank you for the kind words and thank you to everyone who supported it. It really was a team effort!

nysully added 19:51 - Dec 24
Once again proud to be a Town supporter and I can't imagine a supporters website better run than our, thank you Phil and Gav.

Marcus added 20:50 - Dec 24
For every three Edward Ebeneezer Jeremiah Browns there's an Edward Ebeneezer Scrooge. How wonderfully festive ;)

Samassi100Abou added 00:39 - Dec 25
Rinkydinkpather..... Glad we've on the same wavelength, don't get me wrong MM is a god send to town and I'm not sure any manager could have done a better job on a shoestring budget he really has done an amazing job regardless of where we finish but he does get paid extremely well and I'm not a armchair fan regardless of money I guarantee he was thinking Christ I feel embarresed to accept this. For the record I am a season ticket holder All I'm saying is I'm sure the letter and card would have been enough surely this means more to a millionaire then some IPA that could have been given to a good cause (cash rather then booze :-) ) I'm sure they will gather dust in this cupboard rather then having some effect in a charity, never the less let's all lick @ss while we've doing well !! As soon as we lose a couple the so called faithful will be on his back

JCBLUE added 08:00 - Dec 25
I think a few are missing the point. Why would millionaires not appreciate a thoughtful gift that is testament to the excellent job they are doing? No harm in showing appreciation, it's the thought that counts .......

Great job MM & TC, what a good idea!

Lightningboy added 12:32 - Dec 25
Nice work guys..well deserved Mick,TC and all at ITFC.

Terry_Nutkins added 23:35 - Dec 25
Samassi your completely missing the point. It is the gesture of a gift and a thankyou nothing to do with money Hence 2/3rds of the money going to charity. Just because someone is rich it doesn't mean they can no longer appreciate the sentiment of a thankyou gift. Thats just stupid. If they had given them hard cash you would be completely right. This is a suffolk themed thankyou gift and a lvely gesture of the supporters backing there manager. This was played 100% right. Well done.

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