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Town Could Receive Compensation for Fraser Injury
Sunday, 18th Oct 2015 17:13

Town managing director Ian Milne says the Blues are checking out whether they are due compensation after winger Ryan Fraser suffered a medial knee ligament injury while training with the Scotland U21 squad during the international break.

“We are looking at it. If it was England we’d get compensation,” Milne told BBC Radio Suffolk’s Life’s a Pitch.

“[Club secretary] Sally Webb is checking with the Scottish FA to find out what the situation is. He’s out for two months but hopefully it won’t be more than two months.”

Newcastle will reportedly receive a multi-million-pound compensation settlement via FIFA's Club Protection Programme due to keeper Tim Krul suffering a long-term knee injury while away with the senior Dutch national squad.

Fraser, 21, who is on a season-long loan from AFC Bournemouth, has made an impressive start to his spell with the Blues, scoring four goals in eight starts and three sub appearances.

The Aberdonian was named the Football League's Young Player of the Month for August when he was also amongst the nominees for the Championship Player of the Month gong.

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essexboy added 17:24 - Oct 18
Oh Dear! How sad is that.Just accept the fact he is injured and get on with it.😡

SamWhiteUK added 17:33 - Oct 18
Have you had an accident at work that wasn't your fault?

You could be entitled to compensation.

jas0999 added 17:37 - Oct 18
No surprise, over the last 10 months the club have been looking at ways to cash in whilst spend the minimum. That said, if compensation is due then so be it, but this story doesn't surprise me. The club are only interested in cashing in, whether it be through legal action, charging the highest price possible for every game so far on a match day or charging to be a mascot.

Garv added 17:43 - Oct 18
That seems insane to me, the Newcastle one too.

Fraser isn't even our player! Bournemouth have kindly let us borrow him when they probably could have used him themselves.

Ruddockclyro added 17:55 - Oct 18
Compensation? Imagine all the free players we could get with that!

therein61 added 18:01 - Oct 18
Can we supporters get compensation for the pain endured by the "loyal" team selections of a manager who claims to know what he is doing, but is obviously losing the plot as I am the will to live watching the rubbish we have to put up with.

sirmichealmills added 18:09 - Oct 18
Oh dear, here's a barrel lets scrape it

smithy91 added 18:15 - Oct 18
ITFC greed knows no bounds. Theres balancing the books and then theres this. Takes the p**s considering lack of any sort of significant squad investment

Marcus added 18:15 - Oct 18
It's a business. If it's something we're entitled to we should claim it. Other clubs, larger or small, would do the same.

Marcus added 18:17 - Oct 18
Lack of investment? We're lucky to be in a position where we don't need to sell. Be realistic, we've never been a rich club. Can you name a former manager who has built success on investment?

JimmyJazz added 18:24 - Oct 18
Just shows how out of touch the people who run our club are with the game. If he got simarily injured when playing for us will we offer Bournemouth compensation?

pointofblue added 18:33 - Oct 18
Oh good, more money for wages that we can throw at an unknown, crossing our fingers that he's the next best thing.

smithy91 added 18:46 - Oct 18
@Marcus yes lack of a calculated gamble at the right moment last season. Mings, Cresswell, and even back to CW, thats 25 million in transfers recieved in 4 years. Spent about 2 million on fees since, and probably a few million on wages for various extra squad players. Tell me you are completely happy we didnt spend on one or two quality players at the right time last season. Wouldnt of broke ITFC would it (no, not suggesting Derby Bburn or Boro sort of spending at all)

Mark added 19:11 - Oct 18
We might as well try to get something if we can. It's a shame about Fraser, as Maitland-Niles hasn't really been very effective and time will tell whether Oar is good enough. We are limiting our central midfield to holding midfielders to allow these wingers to go forward, but with little effect as yet.

PhilTWTD added 19:20 - Oct 18
One or two slightly odd comments IMHO, compensation for players injured on international duty is commonplace. I asked the question really just to confirm and because of the obvious complications relating to him being on loan.

jabberjackson added 19:32 - Oct 18
Agree Phil
Sadly, many of our turncoat "fans" are just using any story published as an opportunity to stick the knife in
Pretty sad actually...

carsey added 19:43 - Oct 18
PhilTWTD I think people have taken the opportunity to slag the club for it's general attitude towards money and supporters. Whether real or not the perception is that they will do anything to make a buck. Personally if they are entitled I think they should claim but there are far more important things to sort out at the club not least of which is McCarthy and his bloody mindedness to refuse to admit the obvious

yorksblue added 19:50 - Oct 18
I raised the question last week.

jas0999 added 19:52 - Oct 18
Phil, with respect it's about time you and the other media outlets started questioning ITFC on issues such as ticket prices and failure to invest the Cresswell/Mings money. I fully realise you and others are obliged to be positive or risk exclusion from PR. But surely even you can't defend the lack of spending. This club since January has spent as little as possible and tried to cash in on anything it can. Coke and Toure won't bring in compensation. Fraser May BUT HE IS NOT OUR player. Shudder the thought. Evans is only interested in cheap. Please don't believe the spin. Your better than that. Question what happened to the SAVINGS on wages. Thousands, this club is taking the absolute Mick. Literally. Your job is to question it. Not accept it.

SuperTommySmith added 20:04 - Oct 18
Half the idiots commenting on this article are hilarious. You should be angry if we weren't doing this.

PhilTWTD added 20:27 - Oct 18

Think me and others have questioned the club on ticket prices on plenty of occasions, Ian Milne was quizzed about them again on Saturday in the wake of the BBC survey and also on Mark Murphy's midweek show. I also asked for comment for here the other day. At the end of the day, the media can only ask questions and report the answers, which we've done, we can't make the club change a policy. However, I think the freeze on matchday prices in recent seasons has probably been in part due to the likes of us reporting fans' dissatisfaction re prices.

Re the finances and investment of the Cresswell and Mings fees, the cash has been invested. Just because it hasn't gone on fees doesn't mean it's not been spent - or isn't available to be spent - on new players and their contracts - the squad has increased in number significantly - and on extending and increasing the deals of existing players. We won't know the figures for a while yet but I would guess that the wage bill will have increased somewhat this year and that despite the Mings cash the club will make a loss.

chorltonskylineblue added 20:29 - Oct 18
I heard about the compensation scheme via a recent non-Blues podcast, in relation to MCFC I think, who obviously need the money less than us. So not one to get our knickers in a twist about. We're presumably paying some if not all of Fraser's wages, so would be a legitimate claim if we are.

As for the underinvestment in the team it would be good to see the evidence although I can see it's hard to compile. I heard somewhere (on here I think) that we had the 6th highest wage bill in this division last season. And where did we finish? Ok, a few players have gone, but haven't they largely been replaced with new faces? I'm not sure on the exact figures here, so shoot me down if I'm wrong.

What you can't deny is that we're the longest tenants of this division. By my count around half the teams in this league have been in the Premier League in recent seasons and most will still be getting parachute payments. I'm not saying I'm happy with progress, I'm just saying I'm being realistic.

xrayspecs added 20:30 - Oct 18
Did we pay a loan fee for Fraser. If we did then we are perfectly entitled, as is current practice, to ask Scotland for compensation for the two months that his is not available. I suspect we are still paying his wages (or a good proportion of them), so again perfectly entitled to ask to be compensated.

If Town did not ask for what is rightfully due to them, then that is when we should be questioning how the club is run. Not now.

PhilTWTD added 20:34 - Oct 18

I don't think we did pay a loan fee for Fraser but him coming here was part of the Mings deal so would have had some value as part of that, but agree with your overall point. We did pay a loan fee for Ainsley Maitland-Niles, though.

wayway added 20:40 - Oct 18
Evans PLC will stop at nothing to make money

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