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Chambers: New Manager Has Already Created a Buzz
Thursday, 1st Nov 2018 15:41

Town skipper Luke Chambers says the arrival of new manager Paul Lambert has given the players a lift and that they are already better prepared for Saturday’s vital home clash with Preston than they had been for games under predecessor Paul Hurst.

Asked about training under Lambert over the past three days, the 32-year-old defender said: “It has been a lot different so far. With a new start you are trying to impress again and it’s very difficult.

“No one wanted this scenario at the start of the season. Everyone wanted to be successful in the last few months but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

“Now it is another chance for everyone to go again and everyone is looking like they are really, really wanting to perform again and get behind the team itself. The lads are working for each other.

“In training, if someone goes past you, you’ve got your team-mate to back you up and vice versa.

“There are always options on the ball, so maybe things have been lifted and the lads are starting to believe in themselves again. I think the new manager and his staff have had a part to play in that.”

At his first press conference on Tuesday ex-Norwich boss Lambert emphasised the need to bring the fun back to Portman Road and make it an enjoyable experience for Portman Road regulars perhaps starved of entertaining football, at least on a consistent basis, in recent seasons.

Chambers added: “It’s never fun when you’re not winning games. You can have all the fun in the world in the week but if you don’t win at the weekend it’s forgotten about.

“In football these days it’s becoming a little bit ‘We’ll do this in the week’ but nothing’s really geared up to play on a Saturday.

“All that matters in a football club is winning. If you want to win looking good, or you want to win playing ugly, everything you do throughout the week really should prepare you for a Saturday.

“I think we’re going to be doing that now – and I’m not saying we weren’t doing that before – but I think we can do it a hell of a lot more and after what we’ve done in the last few days I hope that is where we are going to go with that.”

First impressions of Lambert and his new backroom staff? Chambers said: “Very good, very positive and very clear in his message to the players. He’s created a real buzz around the lads already and the training has been tremendous over the last few days.

“We’re looking forward to the weekend and if I’m brutally honest I don’t think we’ve been looking forward to too many games of late.”

Lambert could be the man to lift Town off the bottom of the Championship and steer them to safety, but if survival is to be secured Chambers is the first to admit that a large part of the responsibility rests with the players.

“Yes, 100 per cent, and I said that last week,” he continued. “When a manager gets the sack the players have to take a lot of the responsibility.

“We’re trying to do that in the dressing room and I don’t think you could ever question the lads’ effort and determination on a Saturday.

“I think everyone’s working and working, but sometimes when you are working so hard, without possibly having everyone on the same page, it becomes even more difficult and you start running around all over the place, which I feel we’ve done in the last few weeks.”

Having been signed by Paul Jewell in July 2012, Chambers was handed the club captaincy by Mick McCarthy, which he then retained it in the short-lived Hurst era.

The former Nottingham Forest man revealed he has already had a one-to-one meeting with Lambert, who was out of work for almost six months after departing Stoke at the end of last season after his 15-game stint reaped just two wins and saw them relegated from the Premier League.

He said: “He pulled me into his office on the first day, which for me is very, very good as we have to build a relationship. If I remain as captain that’s great but at the minute it’s bigger than me as a player and as a captain. It’s all about our club staying in this division.

“I think the bond between a manager and his captain is massive. I think if you look throughout all the leagues you have to have that really.

“But no one is guaranteed their place in football and the captaincy should never guarantee me my place. If I’m not performing for the new manager I shouldn’t be in the team.

“No one can say they should be in the team because at the end of the day we’re bottom of the league. You have to earn your place in the team and I think that’s what the lads are going to try to do.

“With the positive environment that seems to have been created in the last few days it’s going to be an interesting decision for the manager to make at the weekend.”

Asked if there was still an air of uncertainty around the club, Chambers replied: “Yes, of course there is. If the manager picks his team, no one should be knocking on his door saying they should be in the team.

“We are where we are but I think everyone has a clean slate now. He has asked us to try to forget what has gone on before.

“It’s easy to say everyone’s got to be brave and they’ve got to get on the ball, but you really need the characters now.

“We really need the lads to step up and do what is being asked of us. He has almost taken the pressure off us all by saying that if we do what he is telling us to do, if we play the way he wants us to play and we make a mistake, it’s his fault.

“Obviously, we all know when we make a mistake on the pitch, but to hear you have the backing of your manager straight away, from day one, it makes everything a lot clearer. I think we’re seeing the benefits of that in training to be fair.”

Does the arrival of a new manager mean a possible opportunity for some players? He added: “We’ve used a lot of different players throughout the season – I heard the other day it was the highest number in the league – and that’s something we haven’t been used to over the last few years.

“I think we’re still searching for a winning formula but virtually everyone in the squad has had an opportunity.

“Now it’s a chance to nail down a place, with a clear direction when you’re playing on the pitch. We’ve gone from different scenarios where everyone’s involved and it doesn’t matter what team it is.

“If it’s your position you know exactly where you need to be at a certain time. When there are no grey areas in football it becomes a lot easier.”

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wkj added 15:53 - Nov 1
He mentions not looking forward to many games of late - maybe reading between the lines, but it suggests Hurst and Doig didn't have great man management skills

SouperJim added 15:57 - Nov 1
Chambo trying not to have a dig at Hurst, but it's clear from his comments that much was wrong with the previous regime. No clear direction, not everyone putting the same effort in and a team and management pair totally lost and thrashing around for a win.

Thank god Evans pulled the plug when he did.

trncbluearmy added 15:58 - Nov 1
"and that they are already better prepared for Saturday’s vital home clash with Preston than they had been for games under predecessor Paul Hurst."

Say it all really

Onwards and upwards


Pilgrimblue added 16:20 - Nov 1
It'll be interesting to see who will step up. Just hope PL finds his best team/formation quickly and then sticks by them. Maybe he'll be lucky and have Huws & Bish available soon. Also will he cancel loans or wait until January?

runningout added 16:33 - Nov 1
players not totally blameless for ropey season.

baxter7 added 16:47 - Nov 1
It would help if you stop making Sunday morning football mistakes as well chamber's

Reuserscurtains added 16:52 - Nov 1
Positive comments and even sitting hear reading/listening to Lambert has provided me more optimism than Hurst. If me sitting on my TWTD account can feel better reading a managers comments, i'm sure the players will respond far better.
onwards and upwards, genuine exciting will return if we win saturday!

deano85 added 17:03 - Nov 1
I like how on day one, they had a meeting...
I remember in june/july when chambers didnt even know if he was going to be captain... like he wasnt even told

FrankfurtBlue added 17:18 - Nov 1
There is only so much a new manager can change. Putting round pegs in round holes and selecting the best 11 obviously, playing a system and giving instructions that the players are capable of easily understanding, improving confidence and the general working atmosphere, doing his homework on the oppositioon to exploit their weaknesses and counter their strengths.

What he clearly can not change is players that are simply not good enough or are injured, and that is where supporters have to support him and the team and show great patience. He can work miracles with what he has, but at the very least until January he should get a free pass.

geminimustang added 17:19 - Nov 1
I've not read a single thing that fills me with confidence.The press conference was low key.The players continue to have good training sessions.There was no problem with PH.I could go on.My view is freebies are needed,if only on a short term deal until the transfer window.No disrepect to PL intended,this squad isn't good enough to stay in touch and relegation threatens.Preston is a must win and i worry and wonder where the goals may come from.

Suffolkboy added 17:38 - Nov 1
Wow !!Despondency ,displeasure and despair really have taken a hold on some and perhaps fresh air , a dose of oxygen and an optimism pill is needed !
For Heaven' s sake bring back the belief , recognise the strengths we do have and get behind everybody : what on earth good will continued moaning do ?
We are where we are , the only way is UP, so if you can't actually support then ,get on the bike and go for a ride ; otherwise let's ALL suspend disbelief and give the boys a morale boost !

calvin added 17:48 - Nov 1
Why don’t chambers concentrate on the football instead of media work. I am getting fed up with him keep doing interviews nearly every other day

ArnieM added 18:12 - Nov 1
Wow, I’d say that’s quite a damming response by Chambers on the former managerment team. Clearly it was not a happy ship and this was transferred very quickly to the pitch. I get the feeling training sessions under Hurst/ Doig was more about “ competition” and fitness regimes, rather than preparation for the next football match.

I think were going to see a big difference under PL and I can see Town starting to string some wins/ draws together in the not too distant future.

Hurst appears to have another egotistical, stubborn Yorkshireman , only with a lot less man management skills or any experience of what’s required in the Championship. Lose the dressing room and youre on borrowed time.

carlo88 added 18:24 - Nov 1
Speaks well does Chambers,

blueboy1981 added 18:49 - Nov 1
Chambo - you're a dedicated Club man, and much respected for that - however, I suspect your game, amongst other senior players also, will need to improve under Paul Lambert.

Over the part of the season so far, that we do not get back, I have seen players trying to make the step up a level from their previous level, also 'senior players' almost switched off, giving countless possession balls away, and generally getting away too lightly in games which we will have no further chance of getting points from.

I believe everyone, however Paul Lambert appears right now, will have much more expected of them going forward.

And rightly so.


marinerswagepacket added 19:11 - Nov 1
all that matters is 90 mins on Saturday, and we as supporters play a big part In that , this is gonna be a hard season and we all need to fight together not between us ....I.T.I.D

frantblue added 19:23 - Nov 1
There is one sentence which says "our club" not the club like so many other people give as a response shows how much he cares

Horseboy added 19:30 - Nov 1
Proof in the pudding will be results and performances, these players said all the same things under Hurst, time will tell

BlueandTruesince82 added 19:33 - Nov 1
In football these days it’s becoming a little bit ‘We’ll do this in the week’ but nothing’s really geared up to play on a Saturday?

What? I can't even comprehend what that could possibly mean?

Nothing's geared up for the thing that you're doing it all for? Perhaps a lack of tactical prep? Analysis of opponents?

dukey44 added 19:46 - Nov 1
He make a good manager when he gives up trying to hide how poor a player he's become. Yeah heart on sleeve and all that but he's turned into poor player... Just my personal opinion. Probably score at week end but he makes some terrible decisions now a days...

pragmatic added 20:31 - Nov 1
Sorry souper Jim meant to tick up agree with your view

bluesman added 20:46 - Nov 1
Hurst started OK but he didn't get any luck at all. The team looked OK at times. Then they all panicked, to a man. It was natural, rookie manager all fell apart. Optimistic that a cool and experienced head will get the best out of some players who have shown more promise than some give them credit for and at least be in touch when transfer window arrives

TB42 added 21:18 - Nov 1
Sorry Luke, I will be reserving judgement for Saturday.

Actions say more than words ...

chrisswailes added 22:35 - Nov 1
God people are moronic.

PortmanTerrorist added 22:39 - Nov 1
I think our Skipper is being a little understated. It had been clear weeks ago that he had issues with PH and now gets to say so. Question is if he had more fully backed PH might things have been different.

Either way, time to move on, but no more excuses. Esp from the so called senior pros who have been abysmal in past few games!

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