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Blues Sign Trialist Keeper White
Wednesday, 9th Sep 2020 16:55

Town have signed young keeper Bert White, who has been on trial with the U23s during pre-season, on a one-year deal with the option for an additional year.

As previously reported, the 18-year-old was with AFC Wimbledon as a scholar having been with the Dons since he was 14 after a spell with AFC Bournemouth.

White featured in the friendlies at Coggeshall, Felixstowe & and Walton and Braintree and evidently impressed the Town management.

The keeper will compete with Adam Przybek to play between the sticks for the U23s with Harry Wright having joined Swedish side GAIS on loan until the start of December.

Photo: ITFC

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monty_radio added 17:16 - Sep 9
Great name! Now for Hagerty F and Hagerty R.

shouldistayorcounago added 17:18 - Sep 9
Not trying to be negative but... another keeper? Really?

Holy, Cornell, Przybek, Wright (out on loan), and now White.

Just seems a bizarre strategy, even long term. Wish him the best of luck and a promising career with the Town but a bit baffled.

Kesblue66 added 17:36 - Sep 9
Just how many keepers do we need:?

heathen66 added 17:41 - Sep 9
@shouldistayorcounago I agree, completely baffling...this is the last position we need addressing with Holy as No.1 and Cornell and Przybek as back-ups if needed. We have loaned Wright out as there is no chance of him playing...and then ultimately replace him...Strange !!!
we now have 4 GKs at the club but only 1 RB in KVY.
The club talks about trimming the squad and then signs a player who imo opinion is not required.
I still wish him the best of luck and hope his career at town flourishes !!!

BlueandTruesince82 added 17:45 - Sep 9
Hes on a £150 a week plus a packet of rolos if he's lucky.... he's competition for the u23s wouldnt really be too worried about this.

Terry_Nutkins added 17:50 - Sep 9
Everyone exclaiming bafflement at this.che's 18. In Goalkeeping terms that is a baby. This is is for 4-5 years time if he does well. This is forward planning. At least Wright or Przybek will have to leave due to age requirements from salary cap. This guy will have 3 years eligibility without counting so if he does well that's really useful.

If he has really impressed then it's only good news. He'll cost very very little and it doesn't count to salary cap.

There is literally no issue with this signing whatsoever.

Suffolkboy added 18:15 - Sep 9
Clouds , shrouds , mystery , no enlightenment ; just a bit baffling OR is someone playing cards close to the chest ?

PortmanTerrorist added 18:34 - Sep 9
I want to say welcome to the lad, but there must be something the Club is not telling us unless they have created a magic potion that converts keepers into 20+ goal a season strikers ?!?!

Garv added 20:57 - Sep 9
Promising (presumably) youngster signed. Nothing else to see here, especially anything negative.

JoHnNnY added 21:29 - Sep 9
Ridiculous - why?! 🤷🏻‍♂️

Lad must be chuffed - but while Wright is on loan, this is shoitty man management.

But then again ... PL aces at that. Clown.

MurcianITCC added 23:30 - Sep 9
Ipswich sign an 18 year old and some go into melt down....what the hell is the problem here? Some of you need to get a grip.
Getting increasingly weary of the negativity amongst our "supporters"

SheptonMalletBlue added 08:41 - Sep 10
Hey Bert, where's Ernie?

shouldistayorcounago added 08:42 - Sep 10
Not sure where the meltdown is above? Last time I checked this was a football discussion forum and nearly everyone has wished the lad well.

If you think that's a meltdown then I'd hate you to have see me stub my toe!

philpott2 added 09:12 - Sep 10
Not sure what the issue is.
He's 18, promising and they will have a look at his development for 12 and maybe 24 months. He'll play matches for the U23's and below. No salary cap implications.
Wright has gone out on loan to play in a half decent league (bearing in mind his age), a new experience where he will have to fend for himself to some degree (so grow some, toughen up even maybe), a life experience and most importantly a rare football experience. In theory he can only come back a better player, if he does actually have all the skills to become a decent keeper (I wouldn't know, haven't seen him play, and he just needs to ensure he avoids any lofts and ladders like his old man!).
It sounds like perfect man-management to me!

Terry_Nutkins added 09:40 - Sep 10
Sisocoungago - the point is how anyone can take this as a negative is mind blowing. Either deliberately having a pop at club or total naivity of our situation with regards new rules.

You need two keepers for U23 fixtures. Now we have them. Wright is out on loan which is fantastic experience for him AND it takes his wages of the books for salary cap purposes. Next season the squad size reduces further for non U21s so this is actually essential contingency planning. We CAN NOT afford to have Wright or Przybek here next season if in L1 either for salary cost or allowed numbers. We can have 1 in squad max to compete. This guy if he does well won't count to salary or numbers so if he's had a really good trial it is a no brainer. Before anyone smart says we shouldn't be in L1 note I have said 'contingency' planning which any good business does.

Anyone saying this makes no sense - I've explained it so I hope that is helpful. It makes perfect sense.

KiwiBlue2 added 09:46 - Sep 10
Good points Terry.

Nobbysnuts added 09:49 - Sep 10
Don't really understand it but then again I haven't understood what's been going on at ipswich for the last 10 years.......🤥

ringwoodblue added 09:52 - Sep 10
I think 11 goalkeepers is the only formation Lambo hasn’t tried so only another six to buy!

Icantbelieveyousaidt added 09:54 - Sep 10
Terry_Nutkins - how refreshing to have on here someone with a modicum of common sense and a knowledge of football. As you said, how anyone can question this is beyond comprehension.....Happy Thursday

MurcianITCC added 10:12 - Sep 10
Thanks Terry for "speaking" so eloquently and factually.
My point is that some seem to just want to have a dig at the club, owner, manager, captain at any and every opportunity..

shouldistayorcounago added 10:25 - Sep 10
I understand what you're saying Terry, but surely there are more pressing concerns for the club in terms of other positions - I guess what I'm saying is that right now I would rather these things were prioritised.

Like you say, as things stand we won't be able afford to have both Wright and Przybek next season, so I get that you can make the case for it in that sense. As such I'm happy to say I overlooked that.

What I think makes it seem questionable is the fact that we're so thin on the ground in other positions. As I say, hopefully that will be amended.

Murcia, I hear what you're saying about negativity - the team photo situation, for example, was a crazy situation where everyone and their mum seemed to pile on. I don't think the same thing is true here. The vast majority of us are just questioning if it might be better to get the rest of the house in order first.

Again, I hope he does well, and he won't be on much, but I'd like to see us sort out a few other issues first is all.

Terry_Nutkins added 12:14 - Sep 10
Sisocounago - I don't disagree there are other priorities. But it isn't a one or the other situation. This is still a good move. It doesn't mean we're not looking at other things (Although I'm not sure we can get the required quality in now with the cap in other areas).

It's worth pointing out at his level/age it has probably had little input from Lambert and those involved in first team hires (possibly a final signoff). That's normal.

It's a fairly minor acquisition really.

Terry_Nutkins added 12:15 - Sep 10
And also sisocounago I don't think you were being deliberately negative like 1 or two others. More raising a question mark. No issues with that in a forum as you say bud.

Terry_Nutkins added 12:16 - Sep 10
.... Siso Counago has good ring to it. We should sign him.

shouldistayorcounago added 19:13 - Sep 10
Yeah agreed, it really shouldn't be an either or situation but it feels like it probably will be. Still, reasons to be cheerful and optimistic for Sunday's game... if it goes ahead!

Sadly I think Siso Couñago might be out of our price range. Maybe we can make a move for his second cousin Cecil?


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