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Town Investigating Falling Fan Incident
Saturday, 27th Jan 2024 21:12

Town are investigating an incident in which a Maidstone United supporter rolled along the roof of the Cobbold Stand executive boxes and dropped into the tier below while celebrating their side’s opening goal during today’s FA Cup victory over the Blues.

Footage of the incident emerged on social media following the game, which saw the Stones win 2-1 to become the first sixth-tier club to reach the fifth round of the FA Cup since Blyth Spartans in 1978.

A Town statement reads: “The club is aware of an incident involving a Maidstone United supporter in the Cobbold Stand at Portman Road during today's Emirates FA Cup fourth-round fixture. The club is investigating the issue thoroughly.”

Photo: Matchday Images

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E_I_E_I_E_I_O added 21:14 - Jan 27
Clearly pre-meditated and not a accident. Shame they didn't fall down the stairwell rather than onto fans.

USA added 21:15 - Jan 27
Amazing not more fans have gone over in a celebration. Only way to stop it is to barrier it off I would imagine. He didn’t fall and didn’t appear to be injured so not sure there’s much more to action.

JewellintheTown added 22:23 - Jan 27
If an idiot is determined to be an idiot, they'll always find a way. I'm more concerned for the fans below that were landed on than the person who clearly intended to roll off it.

Harlestonblue added 22:43 - Jan 27
What a total idiot. I hope they were arrested and, in due course, prosecuted.

bobble added 22:52 - Jan 27
good on them ..

BrettenhamBlue added 23:54 - Jan 27
Could have landed on an elderly person or a kid.

SoCalTownFan added 01:00 - Jan 28
Yet my comment, calling out the caliber of many of the population of Maidstone, a place I unfortunately lived for 7 years, was removed. looks like I might have had a point.
This prat could have killed someone or put them in a wheelchair and I hope he got arrested and does time.

chepstowblue added 07:09 - Jan 28
I see more and more of this inconsiderate irresponsible behaviour from our own fans at away games. We have spawned a dysfunctional generation who are obsessed with being on social media. From the morons who stand/run in the aisles, to those who jump on seats and push/land on the person in front. So far I'm amazed that we haven't seen incidents that have resulted in a greater number of injuries. It's got to be sorted, but alas there is a large element inside a stadium unable to think, and completely oblivious to the stupidity of their actions. This clown yesterday could have broken somebody's neck....or worse. Like many others I agree 100% that this was pre-meditated, and wish he'd gone straight onto the concrete. Only then would I be happy to see the copycats join in the craze. Hopefully one or two of our moronic young ultras try it at Millwall and make it truly worthwhile to watch.

BcarefulwhatUWish4 added 07:11 - Jan 28
Other people watching thought it was funny also. Could have caused a serious injury and was far from funny.

rkl added 08:48 - Jan 28
Young people would think this is funny, without a care for the serious head injury it could have caused for those below.
1,2 million views so far on their TikTok account. Let’s hope he gets a lifetime ban

loyalfan added 09:09 - Jan 28
Well said Chepstow. There is so little done about fans causing dangerous situations at Away games. I cannot believe that our fans are allowed to stand in the stairwells rather than in their seats but the stewarding seems to be impotent to tell people what to do- I have even been told by an official of another club that " we know fans don't listen to stewards".....sadly, it probably will take a really serious incident to happen for action to be taken.

TresBonne added 10:00 - Jan 28
Jesus Chepstow fella…why are you so angry? We’re all Ipswich. Let the younguns have their fun. Guaranteed you were probably the exact same at that age.

Basuco added 11:55 - Jan 28
If he had been two meters closer to the South Stand, he would have fallen a lot further and down the stairwell entrance to block U.

MVBlue added 12:15 - Jan 28
1.2 million views on which tiktok account

MVBlue added 12:17 - Jan 28
OK so brxndonio account where they are laughing, uploaded above to twitter by Ultras design.
I think they can expect a call from the clubs and the police.

Edmundo added 12:54 - Jan 28
Bit of a moron and good luck rather than anything else that the game wasn't stopped as paramedics would have been needed. Happened about 20 years ago at a Celtic game where a drunk fan fell 2 tiers down and was lucky to be alive. Good thing the majority of the fans there were brilliant and made for a good atmosphere (there's always one, as my school teacher used to say)

ChorleyBoy added 15:48 - Jan 28
Could've, could've, could've...

Well, apparently it seems no one got hurt so I think we should all be grateful for that?

Calls by some for him to do time are crazy, I'd rather my taxes get spent on making society a better place for all - surely this is a case for public hanging as we need to energise our town centres a bit.

NITFC added 19:03 - Jan 28
The front row of their stand was empty so it wasn't an accident caused by their (to be fair) deserved wild celebrations. The guy had to climb over a seat before he got the the edge and throw himself off. I agree that he needs to be prosecuted

Marinersnose added 19:31 - Jan 28
This is very misleading as many readers would be right in thinking an accident occurred when in actual fact some Half Witt rolled down the roof of the executive box onto our fans. This was clearly premeditated. Nice to see away fans enjoying themselves but this was out of order. Ban him

Benficablue added 19:33 - Jan 28
So we now know a Town fan was injured. I have seen other Town fans injured by others at away games by jumping on seats and falling forward. Really should be stopped before a serious injury or worse happens.

coolcat added 19:36 - Jan 28
In the 2nd video here showing a close up of the Maidstone fan falling, you can see him climbing over the edge. That was no accident. There was a lady sitting below who was on BBC Look East saying he fell on her and is very sore on her right side. It could have been a lot worse. Totally irresponsible and dangerous behaviour.

ChorleyBoy added 09:22 - Jan 30
@coolcat I genuinely want to believe you're right, at what second in the second video do you see the man "climbing over the edge"?

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