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Are the Darwin Awards still a thing?
at 14:15 19 Jan 2022

If so I'd like to nominate this lady...
"A folk singer from the Czech Republic has died after deliberately catching Covid, her son has told the BBC.

Hana Horka, 57, was unvaccinated and had posted on social media that she was recovering after testing positive, but died two days later.

Her son, Jan Rek, said she got infected on purpose when he and his father had the virus, so she could get a recovery pass to access certain venues. "
Can we get the safety car out please...
at 20:38 15 Dec 2021

This referee
at 16:23 11 Dec 2021

is absolutely shocking...getting so much wrong and missing so much play acting...simply atrocious
13 Positive Covid Tests at Spurs...
at 15:02 8 Dec 2021

Rather worrying...
"Tottenham manager Antonio Conte says that eight players and five members of staff have tested positive for Covid-19 at the club. " from BBC Sport
I just don't understand PC
at 17:06 28 Nov 2021

Crewe change tactics in the 2nd half and get back into the game. PC doesn't change tactics at all and brings Evans on as a no 10...WTAF??
Both full backs were poor
at 17:16 30 Oct 2021

why didn't PC start Coulson LB and Edwards RW - he did well when he moved there after Celina came on? Is KVY still injured? If not seemed odd to pick Woolfenden ahead of him...
[Post edited 30 Oct 2021 17:23]
Why can't anyone at the club see
at 17:29 16 Oct 2021

that we have no defensive coaches? Surely this is one of the key issues given our habit of letting leads slip/conceding poor goals...
Any Roon users on here?
at 13:11 2 Oct 2021

I was doubtful because of the cost but Roon Radio is fantastic, especially if you have a Tidal or Qobuz subscription - the algorithms are really good imo and keep churning out some great tracks that I've never heard before as well as some great tracks from my collection that I haven't heard for years.
Love the interface too and the plethora of information available about albums and artists.
Anyone else use it and if so do you have any tips or hacks?
So what are you going to moan about tonight?
at 21:49 28 Sep 2021

at 21:21 14 Sep 2021

can never play for this club again surely...that was outrageous...
yet again we can't get a no10 into the game at all
at 20:47 14 Sep 2021

so why on earth don't we play 2 up top given that we have 3 very good strikers at this level...whoever plays at no 10 is just a passenger...jesus wept!
A thought on our FBs...
at 10:14 14 Sep 2021

Listening to the KoA podcast last night got me thinking.
Clearly both of our first choice FBs are struggling for fitness as a result of long term injuries and Covid.
As a result they almost certainly can't cover as much ground as PC wants them to and therefore won't be fully effective for the system that he wants to employ...could this be a significant mitigating circumstance in the defensive problems we are having?
As they return to full match fitness might this make the CMs' jobs significantly easier?
Not looking for excuses for some woeful basic defensive errors, but just a thought that occurred to me last night...any thoughts?
PC Feeling the Heat
at 18:05 11 Sep 2021

PC feeling the pressure... (from the EADT)


Q: After a dream start, that ended in a nightmare. How would you sum that up?

A: I think you’ve just summed it up perfectly. It’s probably one of the toughest days I’ve had in management. It was a really difficult day.

To watch your team, again, take the lead, start brightly, look good, get the crowd on our side, even equalise, then all of a sudden we just give goals away. That’s something we have to eradicate.

There’ll be no criticisms towards the players from me. None. I out the team on the pitch.

This is a very proud club and that was a not very proud performance.
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We can hide behind three lads making their debuts, or whatever, but there are two ways you play football... One, with the ball, and one without.

We are quite okay with the ball, we still score goals and we’ve missed a couple of chances. But without the ball we are a million miles away from where we need to be as a team. That’s something we have to eradicate and eradicate quickly.

Q: How are you going to eradicate it?

A: By not talking to you much. By not trying to talk nonsense to our supporters who watched the same game as me. By a desire and willingness to work. By having a hunger and an aggression in our play – something that we sadly lack at the minute. It’s something that we must find.

Q: As Ipswich manager you’ve had four wins from 23 games. And you’ve had big success before that. What do you put that down to?

A: Which one, the four wins or the big success?

Q: Well, the big success... both really.

A: Having good players. We’ve got good players now.

I don’t think it’s fair to throw the record from last season in with this season, if I;m truthful, because you’re talking about two different squads.

I accept criticism. I am not a lad wo will ever hide behind anything other than the games that you see.

But I think it’s a bit unfair to throw last year’s results in there when we’ve changed 19/20 players.

I think we’ve recruited very well, we are strong. Everyone looks at us as favourites. But we’re not playing like a team that will be promoted, we’re not playing like a team.

At the minute we show individual qualities but not collective ones.

So we’ll go away and work very hard to be better.

Q: Do you think the fact you are the big club in this league is putting pressure on the players?

A: I respect your job, but how many negative questions do you want to ask me?

There are massive clubs in this league. Bolton Wanderers are a massive football club! Sunderland! Portsmouth! How many do you want?

We’ll concentrate on ourselves. The most important thing is Ipswich Town Football Club. Today, we’ve let our fans down.

You can’t manage and play for a club like this, have performances like that, and speak about acceptance. It’s not acceptable.

But there are only so many negative adjectives you can use. It’s now about how we go away and respond. That’s the biggest test of anybody’s character.

Q: Do you think it’s in the coaching?

A: Come on mate!

Q: It’s a fair question.

A: I've answered your questions and I respect you’re doing your job, but you’re just asking negative one after negative one.

I want to believe so badly...
at 16:58 11 Sep 2021

I absolutely accept that integrating 19 new players takes time and that we need to be patient...but to display such defensive naivety time and time again is totally unacceptable for any so-called professional team...yet alone one of such alleged quality
Morsy Interview
at 14:26 4 Sep 2021

looking back at his time at Chesterfield...some interesting insights into PC too.
Morsy comes across well - I think we've found a very good skipper...

Whilst we are all feeling the love...
at 10:43 1 Sep 2021

can I just say how lucky we are to have the likes of Phil, Andy Warren and Stuart Watson covering our club.
The covergae of the takeover and the manic transfer window has been fantastic.
Sometimes their efforts are overlooked and they deserve a lot of praise (and thanks) for the great work that they do...
at 16:58 28 Aug 2021

our so called fans really are embarrassing sometimes...
Is the iFollow website down for anyone else? (nt)
at 11:53 28 Aug 2021

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