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Jewell Hits Back at Clark
Jewell Hits Back at Clark
Friday, 8th Apr 2011 12:49

Blues boss Paul Jewell has hit back at released youngster Billy Clark after the 19-year-old Tweeted that he was "glad to be out of there to be honest" having been given the news that his contract would not be renewed at the end of the season. First-year pro Clark, a former Northgate High School pupil, was told his Town career was over on Wednesday.

Jewell says the midfielder – and other players – ought to be more careful with their Tweets: "He didn't tell me that, if he's glad to be out of here he can go now if he wants.

"It's only a danger if you put silly things on," he added. "I don't know how many Tweeters or whatever Billy's got but instead of going on Twitter he can talk to me face-to-face."

Clark made three first team sub appearances late in the 2009/10 campaign but failed to break into the senior side this season.

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Wallingford_Boy added 12:53 - Apr 8
HaHa silly boy..

Sindre94 added 12:54 - Apr 8
Childish by clark, Grow some b*lls and speak to jewell face to face

djbreeze added 12:54 - Apr 8
see how glad you are to be out of there in few months when your not offered anything ... be glad you have a job these days or at least fight for it.
cheeky upstart.

RetroBlue added 12:58 - Apr 8
Well Billy, you've just shown yourself up to be very unprofessional, and sare I say it more than your fair share of sour grapes. Bye bye son!

blue_em_away added 13:02 - Apr 8
I said it yesterday. You aint doing yourself any favours.

Well said PJ

brian_a_mul added 13:04 - Apr 8
I am actually relieved that it wasnt Billy Clarke (now at Blackpool) that was causing trouble.

I really liked Clarke and hope he has a good future when he returns from his horrific injury. He was a cracking young player when he first burst on to the scene but diddnt really progress from there.

This Clark looks like a numpty.

Bluecynic added 13:04 - Apr 8
Mind you, how many followers would this lad have? Sounds like he needs to grow up though- what a stupid thing to do.

Help added 13:05 - Apr 8
The attitude of some footballers.

brogansnose added 13:05 - Apr 8
You would be better off trying harder on the training pitch young man and if you had have done you wouldnt be off to the Ridgeons League. Silly boy.

SitfcB added 13:10 - Apr 8
He has deleted his twitter account now.

simonsays added 13:11 - Apr 8
Sour grapes as he is not good enough and has been released!

Mungo added 13:19 - Apr 8
Disappointing comments from Clark. I suspect there were made in while he was in an emotional state and quite upset at being released. It isn't nice to be told that you are losing your job and lets not forget that he is only 19.

PJ has dealt with this quite well I think. He's already said that releasing young players is not something he likes doing and probably understands what Clark is going through, while at the same time sending a message to his players to be careful about what they do outside the club. I doubt he'll be too concerned about Clark's comments in the long run...

Garv added 13:27 - Apr 8
Silly Billy. Clumsy from the kid but to be frank there doesn't seem to be much in it, if I got sacked from a job and then told a mate "I'm actually glad to be out of there" I wouldn't think anything of it? It's his own opinion, if he didn't like it here (evidently he didn't) fair enough, he's been released and both parties are happy. No need to kick up a fuss. However respect does come into it to some extent.

JayITFC added 13:31 - Apr 8
There's a difference between telling a mate and posting it on the inter-webs...

StavangerBlue added 13:35 - Apr 8
An understandable comment from Clarke, he will be very disappointed, but a silly one to make on Twitter which is seen by many as an media news feed. I hope he will find a new club and at least learn from this.

Good luck Billy.


We8Norwich added 13:55 - Apr 8
Should spend more time on the training pitch and less on his blackberry!

pitseablue added 14:08 - Apr 8
That's right...stacking shelfs at Tesco will be so much better!

Pessimistic added 14:12 - Apr 8
Not a wise move from Billy that is for sure and if he has deleted his Twitter account he must realise this too I guess. What a silly twit.

Doctor_Albran added 14:18 - Apr 8
We8Norwich, Blackberry is the name of the creator of a type of phone, not the phone itself, it's like saying tannoy when you mean a public address system, Blackberry is a brand name. LOL ;o)

He was annoyed, using his twitter account (whether via his phone or other internet enabled device) to vent. How many people on here have had soming crap happen and said, I don't care, doesn't matter to me anyway, despite it hurting like hell.

The boy has just had his dreams shattered and told he's out of work - he'll bounce back and probably find something somewhere - although there are no guarantees, but if he doesn't he's just wasted the last 9 years of his life - allow him a bit of leeway.

And to those that slag him off, just because he's not going to be a town player going forward (and who would have chanted his name had he been a success) - grow up, it's people with your attitude that deserve no success in life. He's been a town player since a child and unfortunately (for both him and us) he hasn't made our grade (not the grade as others would probably take him), that doesn't give you the right to start hating him.

SouperJim added 14:20 - Apr 8
Obviously sour grapes, but he's only a lad and it can't be nice being told you're surplus to requirements. As above, it could be the end of his career and everything he has worked for, so lets not judge him too harshly.

I_8_NARWICH added 14:43 - Apr 8
Haha i dont think this boy is going to find a club to easily now having thrown his toys out of his pram- not really the type of player you want playing for you.

bedsitfc added 14:58 - Apr 8
With an attitude like that no wonder he never broke into the first team more regular.

Ipswich24 added 14:58 - Apr 8
Silly Billy

whoppit added 15:03 - Apr 8
Hey you guys, be nice to Billy. He may be making your burgers next time you go through the drive in !!!!

Matteo_Sereni added 15:04 - Apr 8
Give the boy a break...he's just been released for god sake! im sure some of you would be upset and say some silly things too about your companies if you lost your job!

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