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Edwards Apologises
Edwards Apologises
Thursday, 13th Oct 2011 14:24

Right-back Carlos Edwards has apologised for his conduct having been given a 12-week prison sentence suspended for 12 months this morning having pleaded guilty to charges of driving while disqualified and without insurance on Monday. The Trinidad and Tobago international was also handed a £2,500 fine, a further 18-month driving ban, 200 hours of community service and was ordered to pay £85 in court costs and a £15 victim surcharge at South Suffolk Magistrates' Court.

Edwards, whose wife gave birth to premature twins at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge on Saturday, said: "I'm obviously relieved at the verdict. I made a stupid mistake and I want to take this opportunity to apologise for that.

"There were concerns over the health of my wife Denille and the twins when the incident took place and I wasn't thinking straight at the time, but it was still a massive error of judgment on my part.

"It's been a difficult time for myself and my family over the last month or so and with Denille and the twins still receiving hospital treatment, we still have a long way to go. My focus now is the health of my family.

"I also want to thank the people at the football club for their support through this difficult time, especially Simon [Clegg] who has been a great help to me. I know I have let Ipswich Town down and I'll be aiming to make amends for that on the pitch over the rest of the season."

Chief executive Clegg was in court for the sentencing and confirmed that the club will fine the 32-year-old the maximum two weeks' wages allowed.

Clegg said: "We have spoken to Carlos about his conduct and he is fully aware of what we expect from him.

"Players at Ipswich Town should be role models by virtue of their privileged position. In this regard Carlos has let both the club and himself down.

"However, without condoning his actions, there were significant mitigating circumstances and I'm sure these were taken into consideration by the court.

"The most important thing now is the health of Carlos's family and we will be providing him with all the support we can going forward."

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tractorblue99 added 14:29 - Oct 13
Dont think he'll be in the right frame of mind to play on saturaday.

Suffolk_n_Proud added 14:29 - Oct 13
We all make mistakes, luckily nobody was hurt.

Onwards and upwards Carlos and ITFC.

I love Ipswich


clive_baker added 14:30 - Oct 13
Apology keep a clean sheet Saturday.

And all the best to your family Mr. Edwards.

Lightningboy added 14:44 - Oct 13
Lucky boy,you've gotten off lightly there fella.

Now sort your head out , put it behind you and keep up the improving work in our team.

Paulc added 15:01 - Oct 13
CB - i think you mean 'accepted' not 'excepted' unlesss you don't accept his apology after all.

"However, without condoning his actions, there were significant mitigating circumstances and I'm sure these were taken into consideration by the court". -

We're still gonna fine him the full 2 weeks wages though, so not that mitigating in the club's eyes.


Suffolk_n_Proud added 15:21 - Oct 13

Page 122, guidelines for magistartes court, driving whilst disqualified

If anybody is interested, he probably got the right sentence

tractorboybig added 15:32 - Oct 13
Fined two weeks wages by the club, so the internal punishment greatly exceeds that given by a bunch of wallies called magistrates.

itfcjc added 15:39 - Oct 13
Good thing we have wabara

PaulSlocombe added 15:40 - Oct 13
If the club is alo fining him, he has been punished twice for the same offence. I am not condoning what he did, but is that justice?

pazelle added 15:47 - Oct 13
Apology accepted.

brian_a_mul added 15:57 - Oct 13
He has it all to prove now and sounds like he is highly motivated. I think this will spur Carlos on and I cant wait to see how he responds on the pitch!

clive_baker added 15:58 - Oct 13
FAO Paulc - You think right. My bad.

50yearsablue added 16:13 - Oct 13
tractorboybig, magistrates work from sentencing guidelines although, in some circumstances, salary will be taken into account when levying a fine.

PaulSlocombe, he has not, technically, been punished twice for the same offence as the football club will have fined him for being in breach of his contract with the club, which is a separate issue.

ITFC4daprem added 16:21 - Oct 13
wonder why it is delayed

debenhamsteve added 16:22 - Oct 13
tractorblue99 I don't think this will affect him on Saturday as he's being playing really well of late anyway with this court case hanging over him. He may be more worried about his twins although they are in safe hands. I know how good Addenbrokes are.

What I don't understand is how a footballer with quite a bit of time on his hands can forget to re-new his insurance. The high profile nature of this case is a warning to all especially 'well known' individuals.

Sentence about right. Why clog up prisons for this sort of offence?

Let's hope he pays the club and supporters back with some A1 performances for the rest of the season.


ArnieMsBigToe added 16:26 - Oct 13
Phew!! Glad the judge was not a canary fan. I do find it quite interesting and sad that some people on here even tell the court what sentence he should receive. Oh well, free country I suppose. . .

Now lets get back to the football. Cmon you blues!! Lets continue the run and beat Cardiff!!


jas0999 added 17:07 - Oct 13
Yep - no excuse for what he did - but we draw a line and move on. All the best to Carlos and his family and also a word of congratulations for Simon Clegg - who seems to have handled this situation very well indeed.

halliday05 added 17:25 - Oct 13
We all make mistakes .... this should be a warning to other players aswell>>>

C_HealyIsAPleasure added 17:34 - Oct 13
ITFC4daprem - Suspended sentence means he'll be imprisoned if he commits another offence, not that he's going to be imprisoned but it's delayed

debenhamsteve - He didn't forget to renew his insurance, he couldn't insure as he was disqualified. But agree that it shouldn't affect him Saturday, if anything this will come as a relief


Tractorog added 18:39 - Oct 13
Let him without points throw the first stone

fourth added 19:15 - Oct 13
Really. If your wife were expecting and suddenly the babies were there, what would you do?
Bugger anything else but them.
In any circumstances, he did the RIGHT thing. He now has 2 little handfuls (literally) to look after what a wonderful thing that is.

OK The law grinds its inexorable way but it is quite inadequate here

runaround added 20:00 - Oct 13
Fourth. Unless I'm misinterpreting your post, Edwards was not taking wife or twins to hospital but dropping his daughter off at school which is a totally different scenario. That said its good that its all over and everyone can concentrate on the important things which is the health of the 2 little babies.
I really hope they improve and can be home soon

factual_blue added 20:42 - Oct 13
Fortunately for Carlos, they appear not to have pursued the issue of his invalid licence. There's reason to suppose he was driving on an invalid licence (and therefore with invalid insurance) for several years.

SonOfSpock added 20:49 - Oct 13
I'm sure he really really meant the apology with great sincerity..

pinewoodblueboy added 21:38 - Oct 13
Time to employ a driver Mr Edwards. You,ve been a very lucky chap, however, i hope you & your family are happy & healthy. A fair sentence under the circumstances imo.

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