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Chopra Quits Twitter After Posting Cash Photo
Wednesday, 6th Feb 2013 18:16

Striker Michael Chopra closed his Twitter account earlier today, shortly after posting a photo of large sum of cash in a bag. A spokesman from Town said the club welcome players using Twitter, but admitted that the 29-year-old, who has had well-documented gambling and financial issues and was lent £250,000 by the club in December 2011, can sometimes go “over the top” while engaged in banter with supporters.

Chopra, who has continued an ongoing dialogue with his detractors both from Town and his other previous clubs for some while, posted the photo along with a message at lunchtime, removing his Twitter account soon afterwards.

A Town spokesperson said: "Michael enjoys the banter of Twitter but sometimes that banter can be a little bit over the top.

"As a club we welcome the use of Twitter. In an era when fans don't get close to players it's a good communication tool, but players should think before they tweet."

Commenting on the photo, Jay Emmanuel-Thomas tweeted: “Michael Chopra you’re a clown!”

Keeper Arran Lee-Barrett later sent up the one-time England U21 striker with a further tweet and photo:

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francisb123 added 18:21 - Feb 6
How is he still here, nothing but trouble get him out

algarvefan added 18:22 - Feb 6
Quite honestly words fail me................ WTF is my beloved football club coming too?

wkj added 18:22 - Feb 6
I really can't stand this guy the more time goes by

Wysey16 added 18:22 - Feb 6
JET was 100% right, the mans a clown. Get rid of him.

muccletonjoe added 18:22 - Feb 6

dannysigma added 18:27 - Feb 6
Love ALB's response though.

BigAlsMate added 18:27 - Feb 6
Being born with the ability to become a professional sportsman does not guarantee that the gift of wisdom or intelligence is also endowed upon the individual .... unfortunately Chops is living proof of this!

Suffolk_n_Good added 18:27 - Feb 6
Just confirms what we've all known for a long time, he has no morals, no respect for ITFC, is an overpaid, useless, lawbreaking, excuse for a human being. The sooner he leaves the better.

TheJam added 18:29 - Feb 6
The Trolls have been baiting him !

Edmunds5 added 18:29 - Feb 6
maybe he should get a few more bags and put in there what he has costed our football club over the past year or so, all for patience with players but had enough of the bloke.

truthhurts added 18:31 - Feb 6
People in the public eye make mistakes, and can be rather stupid from time to time.

Guess what?

So can the average man off the street

Garv added 18:31 - Feb 6
Couldn't help yourself could you Phil?

Edmunds5 added 18:33 - Feb 6
Makes it even worse when you see young lads like Hyam, Smith and Cressy give everything for the cause and are presumably on a much lower salary.

casanovacrow added 18:34 - Feb 6
on the plus side Chops can now concentrate on busting a gut to EARN a place in the team/squad and not act like a kid on twitter.
Footballers need help to keep them grounded in the real world, he's one of many. Bit of a plank but it would be all too easy for anyone to go that way for anyone in that situation

BotesdaleBlue added 18:36 - Feb 6
And so the saga with this man goes on and on and on.

Someone has to clear this player out as he just keeps dragging the club onto the front pages for the wrong reasons, time after time.

I believe he is now a spent force at this club. Chopra - prove me wrong or clear out, as I have had enough of your antics to last me a lifetime.

Michael11 added 18:39 - Feb 6
Absolute waste of space, get out of our club! If you have all that money then give the club back what you owe or pay for your child to get a taxi to school like you said you couldn't afford you joke of a man!!

ChrisMakin2012 added 18:39 - Feb 6
MM get this mug out of our club!

kerryblue added 18:39 - Feb 6
I wonder who Chopra will blame for this one?He is some low life and not fit to wear the blue of this club ever again.He keeps constantly dragging our name through the muck,why not cancel his contract by mutual consent like we did to his boozing buddy Bullard

Marshalls_Mullet added 18:40 - Feb 6
Serious question;

Is that the cash that Town lent him?

I cant imagine even a footballer would usually have a bag full of cash lying around.

If its recent the club need to seriously question why he is hoarding cash.

However I cant imagine it is recent as he supposedly didnt have enough money to defend himself against BHA allegations.


blackheath_blue added 18:44 - Feb 6
I thought for a glorious moment that the title said "Chopra quits Ipswich".

itfc1981 added 18:47 - Feb 6

sirbenofmorlingshire added 18:50 - Feb 6
Classic example of how social media is really destroying some people and how it's a disaster waiting to happen for individuals who only have half a brain. Ever since time began I'm sure people have been stupid in regards to remarks they make of things they think, what social media has done (and we ALL have friends who've done it) is given the person free reign to project what they think to a massive audience. The fact I'm able to comment on this story on TWTD and 'interact' with other people leaves anything I write open to scrutiny, so I think before I type/post. What twitter and social media gives us is a better insight into the mind of certain people, Chops is not a one off, I bet Town have had plenty like him go through their ranks, they've just never had the vehicle to go public or get that close to the fans... the guy is a fool, even if he's done it in jest, thats not how it comes across, so it backfires everytime. Poor show Chops, do your talking on the pitch mate, not on the computer.

StuartBrett8 added 18:52 - Feb 6
It could just be a googled image of a bag of money to shut the Troll's up?

jeera added 18:54 - Feb 6
If only JET really had actually put "you're".

MooseJuice added 19:01 - Feb 6
I'm amazed someone this stupid manages to put on his own shoes in the morning!

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