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Veseli's Town Career Over
Tuesday, 29th Jul 2014 22:38

Blues boss Mick McCarthy says Freddie Veseli’s loan move to Port Vale marks the end of the Swiss defender or midfielder’s Town career. The 21-year-old joined Vale on a half-season loan earlier today.

“That’s the end of his time at Town,” McCarthy confirmed. “It was the end of his time at the end of last season if someone had taken him, I’d made him available.

“Micky Adams wants him. I think we’ve done him a turn letting him go there. Let’s hope he goes there and, who knows, somebody else might want him and he might be able to progress somewhere else, and let’s hope he can because he’s a lovely young fella.”

Meanwhile, he says former Blue Owen Garvan continues to train with the Blues: “That’s all he’s doing, just training with us. There’s no change in that situation at all.”

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blueboy1981 added 22:50 - Jul 29
DISGUSTING DECISION. No more - no less.

Sometimes I really do question MM's judgement on players - surely others (with some knowledge of the game ) will do likewise.

Mark added 22:51 - Jul 29
Oh. While not a total surprise, as he'd done well in pre-season and only agreed a six month loan deal I thought he might still have a small chance.

J2BLUE added 22:52 - Jul 29
@Blueboy He has played one game for us in the is this a disgusting decision? It's best for him and the club. We have Chambers and also Hewitt who seems to have developed a bit. How many times have you seen him play?

Seasider added 22:53 - Jul 29
Well he is a lovely young fella is he Mick,and you had decided to get rid at the end of last season but nobody wanted him;so why play him in midfield second half against West Ham and ignore the fact he played well.
Seems to an outsider that he has had a rough deal from Mr McCarthy who having acquired him after a trial,and having been on the books of both Manchester clubs;doesn't give him a kick in a league match;but then when you have got classy players like Tabb and Nouble what do you expect.What a joker.

blueboy1981 added 22:55 - Jul 29
J2BLUE ...... maybe much more than you - and certainly enough to know he is a young player with much potential that needed to be in OUR squad.

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 22:58 - Jul 29
J2BLUE - that's irrelevant. It's an opportunity to whinge! We can't let that go can we!

Binner added 22:59 - Jul 29
Perhaps, Blueboy, you can tell us of your career in football. Then we can compare your experience with that of MM and decide which of the two of you is likely to have the sounder judgment...

Mullet added 23:00 - Jul 29
Spot on blueboy. Mick sees him everyday and we only get to see him once or twice, and we are sposed to judge him on that? He's barely had a chance at all to impress what with him going from man city kids to loan games elsewhere and having to get games!

Absolute liberty mick has not given us fans time to see him and judge for him! You'd think it was his job to make decisions without playing people

Mullet added 23:04 - Jul 29
Spot on blueboy. Mick sees him everyday and we only get to see him once or twice, and we are sposed to judge him on that? He's barely had a chance at all to impress what with him going from man city kids to loan games elsewhere and having to get games!

Absolute liberty mick has not given us fans time to see him and judge for him! You'd think it was his job to make decisions without playing people

superkevinwilson added 23:06 - Jul 29
Blueboy, if your so good at judging players why arent you a pro manager or scout?

PJewellisaGod added 23:10 - Jul 29
Interesting how MM said that he was giving a "clean slate" to all players 4 weeks ago.
Veseli then plays outstandingly on 2 separate occasions and is then told his time is up.
Awesome player: a decision we will regret in the future. Guarantee you this decision will come back to haunt us like Rhodes etc.

Really thought he could be our game changer this season, especially after Petkovic said he is taking a careful look at Veseli for the Swiss Team, a team that are ranked higher than Portugal, France, Italy and England in the FIFA world rankings. His versatility is a real bonus, and I really cannot understand this decision. I can only imagine that something "behind the scenes" has happened.

J4ck22 added 23:14 - Jul 29
Players have the chance to impress every day through training. If they're not playing in the team then they're not doing enough to convince the manager that they should be in the team. People see a player for 10 minutes and think they know everything about the player, more so than the manager who sees them every bloody day. Hardly a disgusting decision.

bohslegend added 23:15 - Jul 29
The usual hysterical reaction from Blueboy.

Mick has a number of things to do as a manager, and one of them is to make tough decisions for the sake of the club. Vessel is obviously a nice kid, but he's had enough time one to step up and it hasn't worked. He'll get opportunities elsewhere, and best of luck to him, it just wasn't to be. Moving him on means there's room for Mick to look at others instead.

bohslegend added 23:15 - Jul 29

StochesStotasBlewe added 23:20 - Jul 29
Yet another potentially good player let go for f##k all whilst we persevere with the likes of "different class" Tabby.

Sindre94 added 23:53 - Jul 29
I honestly thought Freddy would go on and be a decent player for us when he signed.

Sindre94 added 23:55 - Jul 29
... but I was at the Stevenage game and Veseli (along with others) was absolutely dog s*it. Hope he goes on to be a decent player, seems a good lad

harlingblue added 00:12 - Jul 30
Mick knows the team and players that he wants. Veseli is not as good as Hewitt , Mings, and probable first team starters Chambers and Parr at full back, or Hyam, Skues, Wordsworth, McGoldrick in centre midfield, while the introduction of flying wingers has lessen his chances?

Beattiesballbag added 03:49 - Jul 30
Obviously another player that Mick doesn't like because of something that's got nothing to do with how good he is on the football pitch, other wise he would be waiting to see how he progresses & knuckles down etc, there's no clean slate here from good old honest Mick.
To publicly announce that he's not wanted is unnecessary & just kicking sand in his face, adding what a nice lad he is does not make it right what he's doing here,
Sir Bobby would not do that even after coming to blows with a player!

bluelady added 06:52 - Jul 30
Strange decision (from my perspective having been impressed in pre season) but I'm not going to get hysterical or throw my toys out of the pram... Maybe Verseli himself had said in order to give him a chance to get into the Swiss team he wanted to be guaranteed first team football week in week out? The reaction from some is rather "over the top" but not unexpected! Would be good to know the exact reason for every decision made however that isn't going to happen so we just have to trust it's the right one for all concerned and move on!

Modiaeblue added 07:23 - Jul 30
Some of you need to get a grip. I could understand this hysteria more if he had actually played some games for us and tore the place up. As things stand, he isn't good enough to hold down a place of his own, as there are better players ahead of him in the queue. He cost nothing, it was a gamble, he's moving on end of story. Wish the lad luck, and take a chill pill. We're a lot better than under Keano and Jewell. Let Mick get on with his job and be happy we have something approaching stability for the first time in 5 years.

hadleighboyblue added 07:50 - Jul 30
well said bluelady . I thought he looked really good in the west ham game and hoped that he might be able to kick on from there , offering more in midfield than some others .

He has had limited opportunities for some reason and having said everyone started this season with a clean sheet , it seems a bit strange that MM now openly says he has no future , especially after looking good v west ham .

As you say , there might be circumstances we don't know about and at the end of the day MM is the one to know what's right for the club

Fat_Boy_Tim added 08:00 - Jul 30
Well said Modiaeblue, I hoped he would do something when he signed but he didn't cut it. Let's face it, Port Vale want him not Barcelona and not anyone else it seems either. Not only that but he had a trial at FC Luzern and they didn't see enough in him.

TheSelkirk added 08:10 - Jul 30
I am not suitably qualified or positioned to question MM's decision making regarding the ability / attitude of players and whether he thinks that they fit in the team he is building. That is his decision, right or wrong, and what he is paid for.

However, although MM is renowned for being outspoken, I would question why matters like this are aired publicly. There doesn't seem to be any value in doing so and it does belittle the player involved somewhat.

This is not the first time and it is probably the only aspect of MM's management that I really do dislike.


WhoisJimmyJuan added 08:16 - Jul 30
Mullet - trying to work out if that is sarcasm or not?? Hysteria aside, Veseli hasn't actually left the club yet. If he is that good, he will shine and MM might change his mind. He has clearly had second thoughts about Taylor. But I agree with Blue Lady. Perhaps Veseli has said he is leaving, not MM, so MM is cutting his losses on wages? And Blueboy1981 - why don't you wait until Veseli is lifting the 2020 European Championship trophy for Switzerland before deciding this is a disaster? I remember all sorts of players let go with people wailing - Jamie Peters springs to mind.

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