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Milne: Hands Off!
Monday, 13th Apr 2015 12:25

“Hands off,” is Town managing director Ian Milne’s message to other clubs who might be interested in trying to recruit manager Mick McCarthy this summer. Championship strugglers Fulham have been linked with the Blues boss on several occasions, but Milne says the club are yet to receive any approach.

“I’ve heard nothing, of no approach to the club with regard to that,” he told BBC Radio Suffolk’s Life’s a Pitch on Saturday (from 1hr 11mins).

“Yes, I’ve seen the speculation, I’ve heard nothing from Mick on it and he’s a very honest, loyal person and so there’s nothing at the moment.

“As I say, he remains very loyal to Ipswich and wants to get us up. He signed a three-year deal last summer, so a year’s gone on that and as far as I’m concerned he’s very happy here with the team he’s built up.”

Milne agreed that it would be little surprise if other clubs showed interest in McCarthy, 56, after Town’s impressive season.

“Successful managers like that will be sought after. Aaron Cresswell came to the darts evening last week and said they’re all very happy with Sam Allardyce [at West Ham] but they’re all concerned what’s going to happen after the next seven matches.

“There aren’t that many good managers out there. Mick, Sam Allardyce, who we were talking about, I suppose the last best manager to move was Tony Pulis. I’m sure some people would disagree with me on that, but there aren’t that many good managers and we need to keep hold of him.”

Milne’s message to clubs who might be eyeing McCarthy? “Hands off, but at the end of the day, we don’t know what’s in people’s heads, what they want to do and their ambitions, but at this moment in time Mick is remaining very loyal to us.”

Meanwhile, with the extended early bird deadline having passed on Friday, the Blues MD says season ticket sales have been “buoyant” with revenue up “eight or nine per cent” on this stage last year and sales at more than 12,500, an increase of around 1,000 on a year ago.

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mutters added 12:34 - Apr 13
Good work Milney

bluefeast added 12:55 - Apr 13
Whats in Micks head is Bonkers.

TractorCam added 13:04 - Apr 13
Well said Milne. Mick is the best manager we've had in years and need to keep hold of him

muccletonjoe added 13:11 - Apr 13
Keep hold of mm is a must for itfc.

BiGDonnie added 13:11 - Apr 13
Losing Mick wouldn't be a bad thing at all, simply because of the club that he (TC and the rest of his staff) have built over the last couple of seasons. I'd like to think he wants to stay, if we don't go up via the play offs this year, I'd say we're a very good bet for promotion next year, more so than Fulham anyway. However should he decide to go elsewhere, the next gaffer would have a very good squad to work with, and that's all credit to Mick, he's done an unbelievable job for us and long may it continue.

RonFearonsHair added 13:21 - Apr 13
Fair play to Milne, he does seem to be making the effort to be a more visible face of the club. Or audible in this case.

Smithy added 13:22 - Apr 13
Mick has built the side from the back and we look solid enough there. The front players also look up to the task its just the midfield (bar Skuse) which needs improving on, and regardless of which division we are in.

The club as a whole and not just the team has benefitted from MM, he's a proper manager who knows what he is doing. I believe if he can get the plasyers in who he wants in the summer the foiotball will also improve, its little steps and we are continuing to improve each year.

topguy added 14:20 - Apr 13
Well does that mean by that subtlie comment about 8 or 9 per cent rise in season tickets us being told he aint going is he going to havea small war chest to invest wisely if he can do this with a couple of hundred thousand what can be achived we a couple of million must have had a rise in tv revenue and maybe some sponsorship and avg ad must have risen got tobe a bit spare for him to bring 2 or 3 in COYB

Len_Brennan added 14:21 - Apr 13
@Smithy: A few months ago I would have agreed with you about looking solid at the back, but over the last 3 months the defence has been a major problem for us.

I wonder is there anyone on this forum who is with Mick in thinking that Chambers at right back & Smith at right side of the centre half pairing are still our best options (when all fit) for the defence going in to the last 4 games and hopefully the playoffs? Judging by the comments over recent weeks it appears almost unanimous that Parr should play right back and Chambers be moved back to his natural position, or a varient of that change.

The problems we have had are not due to Chambers & Smith being bad players, they are just being played out of position, and therefore they struggle against the division's better players.

A strange thought struck me the other night (this happens a lot); we might actually have a better, more balanced defence if Christophe Berra (argueably the best centre half in the league) missed a couple of games through suspension/injury. In that scenario, Chambers would probably be moved back to his best spot on the right side of centre half, Smith would move over to the left side, where he would be more comfortable and Jonny Parr, who is best at full back & admits that he has no preference for a side, would offer a better option at right full.
Now I am certainly not wishing for any misfortune to befall Christophe & I would certainly play him ahead of Tommy on the left side of centre half, but it really showed me how much the defence is worrying me at the moment that I could actually make a reasonable arguement for leaving out our second best player, in order to improve our competitiveness.
This post has been sponsored by 'The campaign to play Jonny Parr at right back'.

head1970 added 14:52 - Apr 13
Let him go.

Ipswichlove added 14:54 - Apr 13
@head1970... YOU CRAZY?

Sindre94 added 14:55 - Apr 13
How some fans could want him out is beyond me. What he's done for this club is remarkable and we wouldnt be anywhere near the playoffs (maybe in league one) if it hadnt been for Mick.
Some of you should be careful what you wish for.

bluefeast added 15:02 - Apr 13
He has to stay ,he in the process of building something ,yes the current squad has limitations ,however he will strengthen over the summer. He I'm sure will look at fightback and midfield. We are probably 3 or 4 players away from a really serious challenge. Well done so far Mick ,we respect you for what you have achieved.
thus far…….

Paulblue62 added 15:23 - Apr 13
Best manager we have had for a long time. If we do not go up this season, but want to go up next season, keeping Mick and Terry is a must.

essextractorboy93 added 16:03 - Apr 13
Good to see Milne come out with this. I genuinely think Mick is arguably the best manager in this league. He got both Sunderland and Wolves promoted from this league and has managed at international level. The guy has worked miracles since he came into the club.

yorksblue added 16:07 - Apr 13
Us go up ----and be battered every game next season. No thanks.. We need a side that remotely looks as if it could handle the Prem first.

dubblue added 16:12 - Apr 13
Mick has done a great job on a shoe string budget - it helps that he followed two of the worst managers we've had since perhaps Jackie Milburn!

I hope he stays but also gets the necessary funds to buy a couple of players to strengthen our defence and add a bit of creativity in mid-field.

BlueandTruesince82 added 16:31 - Apr 13

SouperJim added 16:41 - Apr 13
Len_Brennan great post and I agree, however I still feel our biggest defensive problem is that the midfield carry so little threat going forward, even more so this side of Christmas. The most water-tight defence in the division would only be able to soak up so much pressure and we are 2nd best in terms of possession game after game.

Fix the midfield and the rest takes care of itself. The problem there is I have real doubts about Mick's willingness to play the right kind of midfield, one with balance. He seems to require every player on the pitch to be battler or a terrier. It's hard, if not impossible, to find midfield players who are of the required quality both when we have the ball and when we don't, who are prepared to play at this level for wages we can afford. What we need is a blend and a balance, two Jay Tabbs and two Alex Henshalls if you will. Or at least 3 and 1...

Cakeman added 16:58 - Apr 13
Fully agree Len_Brennan. Not sure why MM will not leave Smith out apart from perhaps it would affect his confidence.
However he needs a rest, the way he was just looping the ball upfield on Saturday indicated he was bereft of confidence already and I am sure teams who we play in our remaining matches (play off's included or not) will have noticed that as well.

blueherts added 17:22 - Apr 13
yorksblue - I think we have seen this season with a team like Leicester , who bossed it last year , no one is going to be really 'ready' , Burnley and QPR have also struggled and all three may well up coming back down
Of course , if we go up ( or indeed if not) but still make play offs there will be many comings and goings I think this close season
Mick has shown what he can do with a miniscule budget - and in Sears , Bru ,Mings , Berra , Parr ,Skuse & ( Connolly?) - he has done some very sound business
Even the additions of Varney , Chaplow ( Watford) , Hunt N - have contributed
Wood is not fit ( just fat) but he is a good player and maybe he will start delivering ?
I would still like to see Stephen Hunt against Wolves as he will def add some passion and as at home to Watford he really gets up for the big games .

Mark added 17:37 - Apr 13
Super news that season tickets are up 1,000 on a year ago, especially with the price increase.

jas0999 added 18:19 - Apr 13
To step up to the next level we need a couple of fee players. Nothing major, just a modest investment to top up the frees and loans. Look at the difference Sears has made. Small fee. Perhaps if Evans made a million pounds available, even half that for fees, then it would definitely discourage MM from moving. I doubt we would get a better manager, despite his often stubborn approach!

blueboy1981 added 18:24 - Apr 13
...... why are people so paranoid about MM leaving ?? - yes, we will have had an improved season, based on recent seasons rubbish, but what about the entertainment level ?? ......... most of what we have seen this season has been absolutely boring, preserve the starting point, rubbish.

Realistically, I cannot see it changing because it is true MM style - most definitely NOT Ipswich Town style, for those of us who have been attending Portman Road long enough to have seen REAL entertainment and success. Granted, there has been some dross too, but generally we have as a Club earned the pedigree of playing entertaining, productive Football over the years.

There are good young Manager's out there - and we don't have to look far (above us) for the point to be proved.

And they may just be going up this season - whilst we stay, yet again, in the Championship. Great - I think not.

blueboy1981 added 18:41 - Apr 13
Jason0999 ........... what proof has anyone that MM has asked for ANY money to buy ANY Players ?? ...... if he hasn't, it would be very unlikely that ME would instigate any such move himself.

I may have missed something - but I've seen NO reference to any refusal of such money from ME.

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