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Town Topic: Wembley 78 Memories
Saturday, 5th May 2018 18:28

Sunday marks the 40th anniversary of Town’s 1978 FA Cup triumph, what are your memories of that great day?

Add your recollections of the final itself or the events and games leading up to that afternoon at Wembley, as well as the victory celebrations, in the Comments section below.

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billlm added 10:32 - May 4
Cosins dog was running around her garden with my mates and I tickets in its mouth, hid them in my boots mass panic when they weren't there nearly didn't get there, great day to be a town fan

Heathlander added 10:37 - May 4
Queued up at 4am with my vouchers at the age of 11 to get my tickets with my dad, I had the morning off school and got called into the headteachers office to explain my absence. When I told him It was tickets for the Cup final he just said "Good lad, off you go".
We went down in a camper van which blew its head gasket near Chelmsford. we had to hire a car and parked at a church near Wembley who gave lunch to all the Town fans. the rest of it is a haze. But what a day.

bahri added 10:40 - May 4
My late father wearing a rosette. Bought it at Wembley when we got of the coach. Only time he ever wore the Town colours !

hammo56 added 10:52 - May 4
We were right at the back behind the goal in the Town end and when we scored an elderly lady standing in front of us just jumped on the back of the young bloke standing in front of her.
Unbelievable scenes and the other thing I remember most was the people standing on the bridges on the A12 as we came back celebrating.

usm added 11:01 - May 4
Got driven to - I think - Stanmore - then tube to Wembley. Then met two mates from school. Remember walking up Wembley Way - all the noise and colour, and then buying program, silk scarf, normal scarf, flag, probably a rosette too. Queueing for what seemed like ages (we got there early) on the steps leading to the entrances singing and shouting etc etc. Got punched by an Arsenal fan on way back to tube station- I'd lost my mates. Didnt know if I was on the right train or not. Driving back down the A12 with all the scarves and banners hanging off the bridges. Great day.

arc added 11:10 - May 4
Not much of a story. I was 11 and at boarding school—Felsted. The worry in the lead-up to the match was that the headmaster's wife had taken over the TV room for a cricket tea the previous year (so we had all missed ManU-Liverpool). All I remember of watching the match was the explosion of elation when Roger scored. Boarding school is such a stupid thing, but being cramped into a small room with all your friends, almost all of whom were Town fans, wasn't a bad way to watch the match.

PJH added 11:36 - May 4
A great day.
We turned the tunnel end at Wembley into a sea of blue.
I remember being anxious to actually be able to see Mick Mills lift the trophy through a gap in the dozens of flags and banners, luckily I did.
So proud to have been there on one of the greatest days in this clubs history which still brings tears to the eyes.

BarcaBlue added 11:38 - May 4
Queued for hours on a Saturday to get tickets, missing the Bristol City match going on that day. Had two tickets, one for me and one for my older brother - he took his girlfriend and I never went to Wembley. On the day was at home, my request was played on the Ed Stewpot show on Radio 1 for the Ipswich song, watched Multi Coloured Swapshop live from Christchurch Park and then the match. The thought of losing just didn't occur to me - the goal took a while coming but even after hitting the post / bar several times you just knew it had to happen. Next day I think it was, the parade to the Cornhill, I got there stupidly early and was interviewed on Radio Orwell.
I still speak to my brother.

BraveDave added 12:21 - May 4
Leading up to the big day it seemed like every house and shop in Ipswich was covered in blue and white. Got one of the 6 special trains to Wembley. Long queue at Ipswich station but atmosphere was already buzzing. Got to Wembley before the gates opened, but thousands of Town fans were already sitting on the outside steps singing and it seemed like everyone had a blue flag. The atmosphere inside the stadium was unbelievable, and I remember having no doubt we were going to win. Was directly behind the goal, upper tier, perfect for seeing Woods turning his man on the touchline (anyone else remember that moment? on his day he was a genius). Obviously went crazy for the goal and the final whistle, then the Sunday on Cornhill with scenes beyond description. So, in summary, it was ok I suppose!

woodbridge_blue added 13:52 - May 4
Whilst the day itself was, of course, hugely memorable, the evening is etched firmly in my memory too. From the moment we pulled into Ipswich station, it seemed like the whole town was in a giant party mood. The walk to the town centre was one huge singalong, with seemingly every car hooting and with scarves waving out of its windows. I can vividly recall a massive party in the Cock and Pye, with complete strangers hugging each other and indulging in loud and raucous singing (anyone else there?). It was then on to the First Floor Club where the memory becomes a bit less clear, but I was told by my mother that I fell in through the front door around 4.30 am. No idea to this day how I managed to make the journey from Ipswich back to Woodbridge! I'm somewhat ashamed to admit I was too hungover to attend the Cornhill later that day but I am just so thankful I was around to enjoy May 6th (and the early part of the 7th!) 1978. Thanks for the memories Town!

clivebleedingthomas added 15:37 - May 4
My late father, as keen a fan of Ipswich Town as you could ever meet. He had supported Town back in the Southern Amateur League days.
After the match, the presentation and parade of the Cup around the ground we met up in the car park outside the stadium. He sat on a kerbstone with tears running down both cheeks saying "we've won the Cup, we've won the bloody Cup!"

dud5ers added 18:43 - May 4
My Uncle Charlie knew Bobby Robson so got me a ticket. He posted it to my dad in Haughley but it got held up and didn't arrive till the morning of the final. I was in Saffron Walden and decided I couldn't collect the ticket and get to Wembley in time. So I watched on my black and white portable TV. I was recently married and enjoyed the match with my wife so I don't regret it. I still have the unused ticket.

cfmoses added 12:35 - May 5
I’m a Town supporter now for 58 years. I made the semi final against WBA at Highbury but regrettably couldn’t make Wembley as my wife was heavily pregnant, 1978 was probably the best year of my life. I passed my driving test (at the fourth attempt!), my team won the Cup and the first of three lovely daughters was born. I had to follow the game on the Beeb. Those were the days when coverage started about 5 hours before kick off with loads of interviews and quizzes/games. I couldn’t stand the pressure in the second half. Hitting the woodwork for the third time got me shaking. Jennings great save from Burnley’s header had me in tears. So I went out to the garden and walked up and down around saying a few prayers. Yes I missed the goal! I remember hearing screams from my wife and thought it was either her waters breaking or we had finally found the net. We went out to a local restaurant in the evening and celebrated in style. My twin brother made it to Wembley and constantly reminds me of my absence. I got my own back in 1981 when I made the UEFA Cup Final and he didn’t,

Churchmans78 added 08:01 - May 6
Was fifteen at the time. I watched the match on the family TV (also all the build up from mid morning) I just knew that the Town would come good in what must be one of the most one sided 1 - nil finals ever. After the presentation and lap of honour I walked the dog and must have re-enacted the goal, on the meadow, and Mick lifting the cup a dozen times each.

muccletonjoe added 08:12 - May 6
Before the goal went in , I remember everyone in the crowd thinking Arsenal were going to break away and get a goal against the run of play, we had already hit the post twice and had numerous other chances. But Beattie and Hunter were like rocks that day and Malcolm McDonald never got a sniff of goal. When Roger Osborne got the goal it became a euphoric and alcoholic blur for about 3 days. Including bringing the cup back to Ipswich. What a memory. I hope it will be matched by our current crop of young players and give the ones who can't remember that day a memory of their own

Dissboyitfc added 08:16 - May 6
I was there on that amazing day in the Arsenal end, its not a matter of what you know but who you know! I remember wearing my Ipswich Rosette and scarf as did my dad, the 2 of us amongst thousands of Arsenal fans. Oh also remember taking my claxon, was really loud and sounding it out of the Mulleys coach both at Arsenal and Ipswich fans.

I never thought we would win all those attempts to hit the post and near misses, then up steps Osbourne, 1-0 the town, i was happy on so many fronts, one of them being all the bets i had taken at school wondering how i was going to pay, come Monday i was a very happy boy and so proud!

Was it the greatest Moment in towns history, it was certainly one of them. i was born in Dec 62 so dont remember that but i would have been conceived around the time we won the league. Thats why Ipswich is in my blood and the last few years have been so painful! But we are on the up!

One more note about the season we won the league, we played 4 games in 8 days! I know the game has changed since then but the players are so looked after so much better but cant play 2 a week without breaking down!


Ftnfwest added 09:43 - May 6
Went to the quarter and semi but couldn’t get a cup final ticket so it was on tv for me, unforgettable though, was convinced Arsenal would score right to the end. Having supported town from a young age (nearly12 when the cup was won) and being laughed at by all the big club hangers on at school, they all ate humble pie on the Monday morning!

bluelodgeblue added 10:01 - May 6
one of the momentous days in my life! Always remember how many flags and banners the town fans had , much more than Arsenal. The best banner which still makes me laugh was the one’featherlite Mariner slips round Big willie.’
Perhaps not the best moment of the day was watching Delia smith doing her cookery slot on swapshop in Christchurch park wearing a town scarf! It was all she could do to stop herself vomiting! Laughed all the way through it!

Ardentitfc1978 added 10:04 - May 6
Today is also the 40th year as a supporter of Ipswich Town Football Club. Still remember vividly on this day watching the final on the black & white tele at home. My ambition is to play soccer almost everyday during school recess time and in the evening so that I can play for Ipswich Town one day. Over the years I have made numerous merchandise purchases from the club. Finally in September 2013 my first ever pilgrimage to Portman Road. We won! The stadium atmosphere was amazing and that I will never forget. To me every single cent spent its all worthwhile even though this is a small club and also not having the successes like the other bigger clubs in England. What I admire the most about my club was that our 2 managers Sir Alf and xSir Bobby both eventually became England coaches. They were my life mentors and forever they would still be. UP THE BLUES !!!

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