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Town on Hot Food Policy
Monday, 27th Oct 2014 18:22

Town have outlined why fans were prevented from entering Portman Road with burgers and hot dogs purchased from vendors outside the ground prior to Saturday’s match against Huddersfield.

Supporters on the TWTD forum and elsewhere on social media commented on what appeared to be a new club policy.

However, club media manager Steve Pearce said in a statement: “It’s not a new policy but it is one that the club have let lapse over recent times.

“It is 32 hours of work for our cleaning staff just to pick up litter around the stadium after a match and this is increasing.

“We have also noticed an increase in people bringing hot food into the ground so we will be asking supporters who purchase hot food and drink from outside the stadium to consume it before entering.

“This falls in line with other football clubs and other sports up and down the country. There are also food safety issues that we have to be mindful of.”

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bluelagos added 18:26 - Oct 27
Food safety issues?

itfcjoe added 18:31 - Oct 27
What a load of rubbish, another PR own goal from ITFC.

stantheman added 18:33 - Oct 27
Supporters might start throwing burgers on the pitch during prematch warm ups.

Vancouver_Blue added 18:36 - Oct 27
This is quite normal in North American stadiums. Hopefully if the prices and quality matched what was available outside if the ground this wouldn't be an issue.

Cheshire_Blue added 18:38 - Oct 27
Rubbish! Why not be honest and admit it is an attempt to force us to buy poor quality expensive offerings inside the stadium.
The only safety issue is when an annoyed supporter is refused entry and is forced to push his way back past those awaiting entry behind him.

DebsyAngel added 18:45 - Oct 27
So basically its the "wrong kind of rubbish" - what difference does it make if wrappers are from outside or inside the venue? Pathetic reasons. What next? A Mars bar wrapper bought from outside is going to cause more problems than if purchased inside the stadium? They need to better the quality of stuff behind the bars, drop the prices and get more staff in.

I personally do not buy any food there, but on another note, why have the spirits behind the bars been stopped? Really miss my prematch brandy and diet coke!

Bluetone added 18:45 - Oct 27
I wonder how long it took to dream up that load of Horlicks.

1966 added 18:46 - Oct 27

J2BLUE added 18:47 - Oct 27
There is no need for anyone to take hot food into the ground. Just another chance for the usual suspects to have a good whine. I'm sure the club are protecting their revenue stream but why shouldn't they? No one is forced to buy inside the ground. There are hundreds of places to eat in the town centre before a game. There isn't a single reason for someone to NEED to take hot food into the stadium.

NorthSTANDER_ITFC added 18:47 - Oct 27
I occasionally go to subway before a game and bring my sandwich to the ground, will I be allowed in if it's untoasted but not allowed in if it is toasted?

TheSelkirk added 18:47 - Oct 27
They are kidding right?

I find often myself unable to buy food or drink at the SBR at half time because either 1) there are not enough staff to cope and the queues are ridiculously long or 2) they have sold out!

Sort out the supply and service in the ground.


Bluemoss added 18:49 - Oct 27
To be fair, some of the stuff outside the ground is expensive now. And dour. But you hang about you can get a pint for a quid!

jas0999 added 18:55 - Oct 27
Disappointing from ITFC. It's about money and wanting people to pay in the ground. Dreadful.

simonitfc added 18:55 - Oct 27
The pies are crap this year

hoppy added 18:57 - Oct 27
Bluetone... is that Horlicks available from the outlets within the ground? If not, you won't be allowed to call it that.

I think you can call it Bovrillocks instead, as that is of course on offer inside.

north_stand77 added 19:00 - Oct 27
What happens to the prawn sandwich and flask people? Is that acceptable?
Or is the sandwich ok but the hot drink not?

TennesseeBlue added 19:02 - Oct 27
But have the turnstiles been painted?

awayfan added 19:04 - Oct 27
Phil, any chance of changing the headline to "Burger Off"?

I'll get my coat....

yorksblue added 19:09 - Oct 27
Give the contract to Greggs then get all the Asbo wasters to clear up afterwards. No-brainer

IamSpartacus added 19:17 - Oct 27
When did Clegg come back? Utter nonsense... I assume, following the reasoning of stopping the mess, the club will stop selling food inside the ground as well? Nope, thought not, just another scamming of fans, then...

stormypetrel added 19:18 - Oct 27
Can't see what people are moaning about.....cinemas and other similar facilities have the same policy...same as many other football clubs.....the litter issue is relevant if you have to spend the hours picking it up and then footing the bill to pay for it!...I'd rather the money go towards painting the turnstiles...or some such worthy expenditure ....

NoCanariesAllowed added 19:20 - Oct 27
The guys behind the Cobbold sell what in my experience are the biggest hotdogs in the Championship for £2.50. This policy is not likely to encourage me to buy any of the overpriced gubbins on sale in the ground!

Sibelius8 added 19:22 - Oct 27
There are several issues.
Firstly, the issue of ground staff “having to clear up” after a game is a red herring. Thirty-two hours? Is this per cleaner? Or is it the total wage-bill for the contract pertaining to all the cleaning staff on match days, presumably out-sourced? (There is a difference)
Would a change of eating habits from us fans have any effect on this? Doubtful, as the proportion of food consumed inside the stadium after these proposed regulations, would presumably increase, and so would, disproportionately, the litter; if supporters had to eat their meals inside the ground – the catering thereof in PR, let us politely say, is prolific with its packaging.
Secondly, is there a difference between fans taking their own food to the ground or buying their calories within the stadium as regards litter? It beggars belief that there is any difference on this point.
What next? A body search for hidden apples for fans?
Therefore, it seems that PR is determined to maximize their profits within the ground. At £3.50, the “Portman Pie” is a classic example of exploitation. The wholesale price is probably about 20p. (I have been to “wholesale” promotions and this is not far off the mark!) Add staff and costs and ITFC are making about £3 profit per pie. Notwithstanding all this, the staff are generally too few and too slow (clearly badly trained) in all areas of the ground. We are being conned here.

carsey added 19:46 - Oct 27
Yet again ITFC shoot themselves in the foot trying to squeeze the last penny out of loyal supporters. The stadium food and drink has been overpriced and poor quality for years.

purplealien added 19:49 - Oct 27
It's disingenuous PR statements like this one that gradually undermine the relationship between the club and fans.

We all know it's about protecting revenue. Why not be honest!

As an alternative strategy, how about directly appealling to fans to spend our money inside the ground (as it contributes to the running costs of the club), and try a bit harder to give us something that represents value for money?


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