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Evans Interview Released Tomorrow
Tuesday, 24th Apr 2018 17:13

Town owner Marcus Evans’s long-awaited first on-camera interview is to be released at midday tomorrow.

Evans has been interviewed by iFollow Ipswich with the video being put out on YouTube and available on TWTD.

“This club is nothing without the fans,” Evans told iFollow Ipswich in the interview in which he also talks about what he’s looking for in the club’s next manager, when the appointment will be made, entertainment, squad investment and why he’s chosen to speak out at this point, 10 and a half years into his ownership.

“The fans make Ipswich Town what it is and it’s my responsibility - and everyone else at the club - to make sure Ipswich Town is at the heart of the community.

“The disenchantment that has built up over the last two seasons, which is built on years of frustration, is something I am really determined to turn around.

“It’s going to be a new era with a new manager. We are going to try something different. It’s going to be calculated but it’s going to be different.

“Let’s hope it works. Let’s hope it bring a greater togetherness for the fans. I know from all the players that when the fans are onside and we are all pulling in the same direction, that can be the difference to us getting where we want to be.”

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Wacko added 17:16 - Apr 24
Hmm excited.. can we have a new stock photo of PR without the grey skies??

BlueBlood90 added 17:19 - Apr 24
Interesting. Looking forward to finding out what this different approach is. Perhaps a director of football? Inexperienced manager? I for one have been vocal on here about Evans hiding in the shadows so fair play to him for coming out and doing this interview. Gone up in my estimation.

TR11BLU added 17:19 - Apr 24
Sounds promising, looking FWD to hearing what he has to say😊

PhilTWTD added 17:19 - Apr 24

We'll see what ME has to say in the interview. I actually used that stock image as I thought I hadn't used it in a while!

benno1uk added 17:20 - Apr 24
Does that mean he already knows who the new manager will be?

TrueBlueFerret added 17:23 - Apr 24
Good 'Evans!!

TheTrueBlue1878 added 17:24 - Apr 24
I love him, think the man is a genius. And he keeps ITFC a float every year and for that ill be eternally grateful.

bostonusablue added 17:25 - Apr 24
Does that mean Stevie G for manager? Just reading between the lines here. I'd be okay with that.

cat added 17:26 - Apr 24
I simply cannot wait for this, straight up. 10.5 years at the top, at last we get to see how Marcus ticks. I’m expecting investment this coming season and believe as I’ve stated on a few occasions now, this will indeed be the case. If I’m wrong however, we’re in the sh!te.
The feel good factor is definitely returning, let’s hope it not a short term fix.

dirtydingusmagee added 17:28 - Apr 24
will it be in cartoon form ?

benno1uk added 17:28 - Apr 24
Sounds like it could be a Burley (as DOF?) with ex player (Kuqi?! / Mogga) type partnership.

iaintaylorx added 17:31 - Apr 24
Genuinely excited after reading this! Look forward to tomorrow to watch it all. Hope the right appointment is made and next season brings excitement back to this club!

arc added 17:33 - Apr 24

"Hello, my name is Marcus Evans, and I'm delighted to announce that I've sold the club to Ed Sheeran."

TheTrueBlue1878 added 17:39 - Apr 24
Just wondering if that is why Symonds left after so long at the club, allow Milne as the MD and free up wage capital for a Director of Football???

ghostofescobar added 17:42 - Apr 24
Guess it's not going to be a 'grilling' as the interviewer will be an ITFC employee? Correct me if I'm wrong. Still very, very intrigued though.

christiand added 17:47 - Apr 24
Will it be one of those interviews with a silhouetted figure and a distorted voice?

Blandford added 17:57 - Apr 24
Really interested in what Mr Evans has to say. If the above quotes are anything to go by it seems that he has at least heard what the fans are saying and understands that we are important to the club. I would welcome a director of football / young manager partnership. The loss of MM means that we are lacking football experience at senior management level but the veteran manager option is not likely to produce anything different to the last six years.

shortmarine1969 added 17:58 - Apr 24
I,m really intrested in this , but......i think it will be him saying a lot without actually saying anything concrete , lets be honest the "5 point plan" was back of a fag packet type of stuff that any club would dole out...i hope i,m wrong and he ..clearly states things such as budget and his plan going forward..not - i will continue to invest - nothingness statement

12th_Man added 18:00 - Apr 24
Wonder what cr@p he will come out with

alfromcol added 18:01 - Apr 24
I hope it's not another of those interviews where someone pokes a small microphone in his face!!!

StuartBrett8 added 18:04 - Apr 24
Is he going to play a bit more of a hands on role then Phil, will you and the other Journo's get access to him at some point as well?

Wickwar_Blue added 18:06 - Apr 24
Has anyone heard his voice? I for one hope he sounds like Brian Sewell or Charles Haughtrey

J45 added 18:12 - Apr 24
There we go wasn’t that difficult was it?

Communicate with supporters (not customers). It’s only taken him 10 years to realise a football club is nothing without the people who turn up and support them every week. Forget what’s been and gone it’s time for all ipswich fans to get back to PR next season and really get behind whoever it is and if things don’t start well don’t start all the moaning and groaning just stick with them for a season or two.

Positives only to come of this but I am sure some will do there very best to put a negative spin on things.

Onwards and upwards we hope!

LWNR2013 added 18:13 - Apr 24
What a tease. Can’t wait. Something different .. it’s Jimmy Bullard (joke)

MattinLondon added 18:18 - Apr 24
The phrase ‘try something different’ suggests that the new appointment may well be a tad leftfield or a new approach in managerial setup which I have no idea about.

But it all depends on what ME means by ‘something different’ as that phrase is open to interpretation.

Either way it does seem that ME has something in mind and isn’t simply pointing blindly in the dark.

I hate being cynical but I’ll be very surprised if anything major will be announced and it’ll all be sound bites and PR. Hope I’m wrong.


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