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Town Topic: What Could Improve Matchdays at Portman Road?
Town Topic: What Could Improve Matchdays at Portman Road?
Thursday, 24th May 2012 07:48

Town are looking for ways of improving the Portman Road matchday experience ahead of next season and want to hear fans’ ideas.

What do you want to see before the game? What sights or sounds as the players take to the field? And what about at half-time entertainment?

What’s impressed you elsewhere at other clubs in the UK or abroad, or even at other sports? Add anything you’d like to see introduced at Portman Road below and we’ll pass them on. And yes, they know about winning more matches.

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village_blue added 10:54 - Apr 26
The biggest improvement would be cheaper tickets.

AlanMahon2011 added 10:55 - Apr 26
Without doubt cheaper tickets

Lukeybluey added 10:58 - Apr 26
cheaper tickets

dont think ive ever seen a full house at portman road!

Eggyblues added 11:00 - Apr 26
The half time 'entertainment' has been far from entertaining for years!!! A few games back we had a kids football team playing on the pitch and the crowd really got into it (as it was better than the game we went to see). I went to see a Swindon game recently and they had lots of kids matches going on and it was great! More of this would be great!

I also have to be honest that the pre-game music is poor. It does nothing to excite the crowd. Bring back 'right here, right now' before the game.

chislehurstblue added 11:01 - Apr 26
Decent team lead by a decent manager.....

olimar added 11:01 - Apr 26
Be more inventive with the music- it feels like someone wrote a list of all the music they thought should be considered as pre-match music. They didnt know what to pick, so just decided to play a 20 second snippet of all of them. Daft.

And the half time "fastest shot" competition was awful. Culminating in the aptly awful final, where the shots couldnt be registered. There is no visual aspect to it at all- pretty much every single entrant hits the net and its pretty impossible for anyone watching to have any idea whether one was faster than the other (which is why a speed gun is needed). Even kicking a ball into a boat was better- at least you could see how close someone got.

OldClactonBlue added 11:03 - Apr 26
It’s completely irrelevant if the product on the pitch doesn't improve dramatically.

They need to work on ensuring people want to stay to the end of the game before they worry about what happens before play starts.

MintyHalfWit added 11:04 - Apr 26
My Ipswich Town leisure experience would be mightily improved by a better turnstile experience. I'm happy with pushing my way through the newly-painted metal, a Dulux experience. I'm talking about the turnstile cash transfer experience. At present I feel an uncomfortable wallet experience when confronted by the person behind the glass. I don't feel a value-for-money experience when asked to pay the demanded sum. In fact, I feel an 'I'm-doshing-up-a-rich-git-for-nothing-at-all' experience when I pass over the folding stuff.

algarvefan added 11:07 - Apr 26

cwb91 added 11:12 - Apr 26
Move the away supporters. Pure and simple.

brockleyblueboy added 11:13 - Apr 26
I want the original "singing the blues" song back. The new one is a joke. It used to be great having everyone clapping, stamping feet and singing along.

The atmosphere at PR is a joke. It's embarrassing. The south stand you can hear a pin drop. DO NOT SAY ITS BECAUSE OF PERFORMANCES, that stand has always been quiet.

When results aren't going well, that's when we should sing and chant more.

The problem is all the fair weather fans that jumped on the band wagon when we got promoted in the George burley era. Half don't even know we were in the PL from the start (92-93)

Can we get a band or a singing team to sit in each of the stands, have some Walkie talkies and communicate when they are going to sing and create some atmosphere around the ground.

Mr Evans is loaded, how about give 200 season tickets away (50 in each stand) on the guarantee that theses people sing chant on demand.

bejaysus added 11:13 - Apr 26
So many suggestions (none of them constructive at all), but so little time to write them all down.

ItfcLoyal added 11:16 - Apr 26
Ticket prices cheaper. Get that awful song 'singing the blues' off. Play some decent music to get the crowd going. Swap the away supporters into the opposite end of the cobbold. Decent half time entertainment.

shoopdelang added 11:19 - Apr 26
Move the away supporters next to the Northstand simple...... Then we would not have to rely on the cr*p pre game music for atmosphere... Also in my opinion the club need a supporters anthem i.e '' blue moon '' ''YNWA '' and even ( I hate to say it ) '' on the ball City'' the club should organise a pre match chant that the fans can sing before every game, even ask for suggestions from fans and then take good ideas and come up with somthing...

shoopdelang added 11:21 - Apr 26
Phil - could TWTD hold a poll on this topic ( what could improve the atmosphere at PR ) and submit the results to the club ?

Garv added 11:21 - Apr 26
The Final Countdown.

ianmarshall added 11:22 - Apr 26
They need to stop concentrating on music before the game. Get rid of the pre match handshake and stop making everything so friendly. I know we can't control that but what a waste of time. The main thing in my opinion would be to stop being so politically correct and warning supporters about their language. If you don't like swearing, sit in the family enclosure. Move the away supporters. If the cobbold season ticket holders moan, move them to a nicer seat. Simple.

Marcus added 11:24 - Apr 26
Scrap the music clips at the start and replace it with full tracks with gaps in between so a few songs can get going. It's stifling rather than motivating at the moment.

shoopdelang added 11:24 - Apr 26
Spot on ianmarshall

ianmarshall added 11:27 - Apr 26
also, half time entertainment is not that important in my opinion but back in the good old days they used to have penalty shoot outs. Not sure who was involved but they always used the youth team 'keeper and it always made for decent viewing.

Unbelievable_Jeff added 11:29 - Apr 26
The new version of 'singing the blues' is terrible and embarrassing! That has to go. Away supporters should be nearer the SBR stand to create a better atmosphere, Look at Scum, they had us right near the Barclays stand or whatever its called. Pre match build up music also needs to be sorted too, that's terrible, they try to make a remix out of it but it's not a remix, it's a mess.

and Have the club ever considered making the scoreboard bigger ? Would be good to see team line ups on there and highlights of the first half for crowds to watch at HT to keep them entertained! Current half time 'entertainment' so to speak, is boring. That's without mentioning the speed gun cant even register half the shots.

Cant remember what team it was we played away, think it might have been Derby, but they had a mascot/fan read out the team line-ups which is a nice touch and good way to build up better rapport with the fans.


algarvefan added 11:32 - Apr 26
ianmarshall and shoooopdelang, you are the kind of quality support that ITFC is missing, perhaps you could get together and populate the North Stand. Oh and put down carpet so you and your offspring don't graze your knuckles. Perhaps we could bring back bottle throwing contests, but they'd need to move the away supporters closer. Bring it on!!!

AlanMahon2011 added 11:35 - Apr 26
Big Television in the corner playing old games/legendary players scoring goals and cheaper tickets to bring bigger attendances into portman road gets my vote.

ozzydog added 11:35 - Apr 26
Well said ianmarshall,it`s a bloody footie match not a game of golf


A pricing structure designed to get people in not scare them off
No loading of prices on matchday
A simple pay at the gate on the day of the game procedure without getting ripped off
Need to get the working lads back that have stopped going to home matches, otherwise the ground will remain like a library.

We have to make FPR a place other teams and supporters don`t like coming to........ and turn the heating off in the away changing room!

alfromcol added 11:35 - Apr 26
Watford have a guy with a drum going round to 'drum up' noise. We need something to get the crowd going. Currently our 'mascot' walks round and has little effect, all very old hat. Give him/her a large drum to beat to whip up the crowd. Even the announcements were all very positive, noisy towards the Watford team. Mind you their home support is worse than ours! Too many 'presentations' miles away from the crowd, a large screen is required so that everyone can see what is going on and be part of it.

brockleyblueboy Agreed, I want the original "singing the blues" song back. The new one is a joke. It used to be great having everyone clapping, stamping feet and singing along.

shoopdelang Agreed. the club should organise a pre match chant that the fans can sing before every game, even ask for suggestions from fans and then take good ideas and come up with somthing...

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