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Second Bid for Portsmouth Duo Turned Down
Second Bid for Portsmouth Duo Turned Down
Monday, 23rd Jan 2012 16:37

Portsmouth have rejected Town’s second offer for Joel Ward (pictured) and Jason Pearce, according to reports on the south coast. The Blues made an increased bid, which we understand to have been £1.6 million, earlier today having had their initial offer - reportedly £1 million - rebuffed last week.

Town will now have to decide whether to make a third bid to the cash-strapped club or look at other targets.

However, given Pompey's ongoing financial concerns and manager Michael Appleton's admission that player sales are on the cards, it seems likely that the Blues will continue to pursue the matter.

It's understood that Town have not yet made a new bid for 17-year-old Crewe midfielder Nick Powell.

Photo: Action Images

Photo: Action Images

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PortmanOz added 16:39 - Jan 23

dalianwasexciting added 16:40 - Jan 23
No surprise there then...

Sindre94 added 16:40 - Jan 23
No surprise, now raise the bid. Thanks.

icetruckiller added 16:41 - Jan 23
Surprise suprise, now wait for a Leicester to come in for them with a reasonable offer and get them. JEWELL AND CLEGG OUT

davidsc1971 added 16:42 - Jan 23
Nah, leave them to it. Burn Pompey burn

TractorBoy666 added 16:42 - Jan 23
OMG. I guess Jewell only offered them 100k more...

ipswichtillidie added 16:42 - Jan 23
This is going to be a very loonnggggg week for us supporters..... frustrating isn't a strong enough word is it,,,,,

Town_Boy added 16:43 - Jan 23
I bet we only went up to 1.1 million!

Sindre94 added 16:43 - Jan 23

muhrensleftfoot added 16:44 - Jan 23
I just can't see these two wanting to join us anyway, even if fees agreed. Particularly with Leicester sniffing around. Who wants to play for a club in a relegation battle, with a manager who could get the sack anytime soon. It's going to be near impossible to get anyone in at the moment. We'd probably have more of a chance looking around for decent defenders in Leagues One & Two.

alexharban added 16:47 - Jan 23
judging by paul jewell hes obviously bid extremely low, just put in a good offer ffs

Ipswich24 added 16:48 - Jan 23
Bloody Clegg probably thinks he is on bargain hunt! Not a clue

marcusevans added 16:48 - Jan 23
Call me old fashioned but why don't we haggle over the phone or get all decision makers round a table until it is declared dead or alive.

Do we not sound out the clubs verbally before it becomes a written offer?

Shall I volunteer myself to conduct negotiations from now on?

Just get your business done quickly. Other clubs do.

Like Norwich.

Frustrating times.

Big_Foot_Blue added 16:49 - Jan 23
Seriously guys get a grip, yeh its probably been turned down but lets get the facts right:

- 1, there is no confirmations its been rejected yet
- 2, we have no idea the club actually went with the bid
- 3, we dont know if Jewell makes the actual bid or Clegg so Jewell may just say bid again without having control over the proposed fee.

Yes Jewell is rightfully getting stick for the on the pitch performances and I believe he should go but get a grip, having a go at him for something we dont even know has happened when he could have offered decent money and Portsmouth are just being stubborn is ridiculous.

Infineteregress added 16:49 - Jan 23
If the players are willing to come then just pay them what they want. Our survival could depend on this, I can't see us having a plan b if it falls through.

forevertown added 16:49 - Jan 23
Clegg is the person who puts the bids in. he no nothin about football time for him to go CLEGG OUT!!!

strikalite added 16:50 - Jan 23
They know how desperate we are and know all about our wealthy owner...£2m at least or they'll just keep saying go away - then other Clubs will come sniffing and we'll lose out..

£2m is still fantastic value for these two..

RRanger added 16:50 - Jan 23
Its called negotiation. One can't blame Portsmouth for trying to keep their decent young players.We know they will have to sell some players but it may well not be these two who probably earn less than the likes of Norris.
MW didn't make his money without knowing how to successfully negotiate deals.
It has been said countless times on this site PJ identifies the targets and then Clegg (on behalf of MW) tries to negotiate a deal.

Garv added 16:50 - Jan 23
I wonder who decides how much to up the bid by? I wouldn't have thought Jewell.

Surely this is a big part of Clegg's job, along with contracts, and general finances.

We have to be realistic, not assume because they're short of cash they'll just roll over.

Big_Foot_Blue added 16:50 - Jan 23
Sorry point 2 is meant to say how high the club went with the bid

bracknell_blue added 16:50 - Jan 23
Just pay Pompey what they want.

SitfcB added 16:51 - Jan 23
It's not Paul Jewell's fault is it!!

So many idiots on here.

HARRY10 added 16:53 - Jan 23
The thing is we don't know how much the bid was or that we even bid for Nick Powell, as it is, 'it is understood'.

Whay are we not sorting out deals where we know what the fee is, the playere has indicated/agreed to join us and it is then announced - as with almost every other club.

This constant need to publicise transfers then see them collapse does lttle for the fans view of the competence, or the integrity, of those running the club as most of these appear no more than ' we have to be seen to be doing something' rather than we have actually done something stories.


brogansnose added 16:54 - Jan 23
Somewhere in my my memory I have a vague recollection of something like this happening before. Is it groundhog day ?

patrickswell added 16:54 - Jan 23
This one's going to run and run...

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