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Management of expectations 14:36 - Oct 25 with 606 viewsCotty

"But we certainly want to try and not - at the very worst - let that gap get any bigger and hopefully reduce it."

This language really concerns me. Hoping that the gap doesn't open up further, is that the limit of our current aspirations? Sounds like death throes to me...

...For the record, I was quite pleased with his appointment, and quite a bit of the summer business at the time, although there was always the worry that it was too much change too soon.

But, I was quite concerned in his performance in press conferences (I know, I know). He just doesn't seem that bright. If you compare to Mick, he's a sharp character, clearly a smart guy. I'm just a little concerned that Paul doesn't seem to have the mental agility to turn this kind of situation around.

It was brought into sharper focus for me after watching the Sir Bob documentary at the weekend. He was very sharp. You need to have plenty between the ears to be a sustainably successful manager at this level and higher. The more I hear Hurst talk, I'm just not sure he's got enough.

I still say we should see if he can do something by Christmas. These are his players, and another complete rebuild in January under a new manager will see us relegated for sure.
Management of expectations on 14:41 - Oct 25 with 561 viewsSouperJim

I think we're trying to limp along until the window opens and sadly I don't see that we can realistically do any more at the moment. This is the worst pickle we've been in in my time supporting the club and while he has put a lot of cash in historically, Evans isn't doing enough at the moment and has a lot to answer for.

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Management of expectations on 14:44 - Oct 25 with 548 viewsStringerBell

He's a much nicer and more personable bloke than McCarthy but he's killing us and we'll be far too far adrift by Christmas. Gotta go now unfortunately.

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