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Walter Becker 18:55 - Sep 4 with 648 viewsjeera


Can't see it mentioned...?

Surely Eric will be posting some tributes at some point.

Well it looks like a duck, it sounds like a duck. Nope, dunno what it is.
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Walter Becker on 18:58 - Sep 4 with 641 viewsBenters

It has been mentioned .

Ive been listening to a fair bit of Steely Dan lately.

Great group that.

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Walter Becker on 19:08 - Sep 4 with 624 viewsJohnny_Boy

Never really seen as a cool band to like, but I always enjoyed them.
Super Furries always championed them & they were regularly sampled by the breaks/hip hop community.

Pretzel Logic for me.

But aside from that, some wonderful clever pop singles.
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Walter Becker on 19:17 - Sep 4 with 601 viewsfactual_blue

The years have reeled him in.

Some barsteward nicked my Can't Buy A Thrill and Pretzel Logic LPs from a party in 1975,

Ta neige, Acadie, fait des larmes au soleil
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