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Aspalls bought by Molson Coors 11:49 - Jan 7 with 1206 viewsstonojnr

know its a favourite tipple of some on this board, even Ive had the occasional one, but Aspalls have been bought/taken over by Molson Coors, so expect before too long most of the "cyder" you drink to be made in Burton instead of Suffolk. (regardless of what they say about Sharps, a significant volume of Doom Bar is made at Burton to the "same recipe")
Aspalls bought by Molson Coors on 12:22 - Jan 7 with 1158 viewsrosseden

I worked for MC for 2 years in the 00's when they started the distribution deal with Aspalls,

If any of the big guys are going to take you over, MC are the best of the lot for retaining provenance and keeping things local, so given the terms of the deal id say probably as good as it was going to get in terms of big company takeovers

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