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Defending 10:13 - Nov 29 with 546 viewsitfc48

Looked closely at the defending last couple of games. I've been shocked by the general lack of technique. I'm not a fantastic footballer by any means however I had a decent colts coach and he taught me the basics of defending. I found a few key issues.

Getting tight - For their first two goals Spence was nowhere near tight enough to the winger. When you give a winger a couple of yards it's not hard to make an angle for a cross. I also noted for the second goal Spence managed to get squared up which made it easy for the winger to make that half yard he needed. He then also inexplicably tried to stop the cross with his left foot. If he'd used his right foot it would have probably been a corner instead of a goal.

Body positioning - For the first goal Knudsen's body positioning was terrible. It's a lot harder to defend when angled towards your own goal. Had he opened his body up he'd have had a better idea of what was around him and any clearance would have gone away from the goal and not straight at Bart who then fumbled.

Showing inside/outside - Another basic of defending is deciding whether to show the attacker the inside or outside. I could not understand why Knudsen showed Barnes the inside basically inviting him to shoot. If he's showed him the outside yes they may have scored from the cross however we'd have been far better equipped to prevent an attempt on goal.

I just find it baffling players can make it to this level with such obvious technical deficiencies.

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