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The secret aerodynamicist 16:50 - Mar 15 with 473 viewsStokieBlue

This is actually really interesting from the BBC, probably more so if you like F1:


Nothing else needed


The secret aerodynamicist on 20:09 - Mar 15 with 395 viewsRyorry

It is, and I'm not exactly into F1!


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The secret aerodynamicist on 20:35 - Mar 15 with 371 viewsEwan_Oozami

Fascinating stuff! Chap on my Uni course (Aero Eng) went to work for an F1 team after graduating (mid 80s - aerodynamic Stone Age), worked his way up and became a Senior Designer - I loved aerodynamics - the stuff that keeps us alive is the stuff that helps us fly!

If anyone wants a primer on Mach Number, Reynolds Number, Boundary Layer theory, Drag Coefficients, etc........ :-)

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The secret aerodynamicist on 21:00 - Mar 15 with 351 viewsfabian_illness

That’s fascinating. Good find.
I race a little superkart and aerodynamics play a big part in its handling although nowhere near F1.
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