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Quick thoughts.... 22:21 - Oct 23 with 697 viewsReuser_is_God

Worst I’ve seen Skuse play, how many times did he lose the ball?

Huws looked good, we miss Downes badly

Time to stop the rotation now, settled starting 11 & settled system required for a run of games

Garbutt was woeful tonight, could’ve been a Jonas tribute act.

Keane was sh1t, didn’t even challenge for a ball

We’ll still win the league

Evans out
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Quick thoughts.... on 22:26 - Oct 23 with 643 viewsDennyx4

Thought Skuse was poor Sunday too. Shows what Downes brings to the team.

Garbutt looks better as a wing back, rather than a full back.

Rowe was absolutely woeful - if you are playing at the top of the diamond, you should be the teams best player - you get a free role to dictate play, he just didn't turn up.

Need to battle now, bring in Norwood & Downes and close teams down all over the pitch. Make it difficult to play against us.

Quick thoughts.... on 22:32 - Oct 23 with 602 viewsFunge

Skuse looked really, really old tonight.

Wilson and Garbutt both terrible. Luckily we've got Kenlock and Nsiala in the wings.

Huws neat and tidy; however he didn't much enjoy Rotherham repeatedly kicking him. Kudos to the latest sh1t ref in this league for enabling them to do that 4 times in the first 20 mins.

Rowe did nothing at all.

Holy might be bad, you know. First goal went straight through him, and (perhaps harshly, as I was up the other end), it seemed like he could have done more with the 2nd. All of his kicks either went into touch or straight through to the Rotherham keeper.

That was clueless, in the truest sense of the word, tonight. For the first time I'm pointing the finger at Lambert, as that team had no plan at all. I've seen some truly awful football from ITFC over the last 4-5 years; tonight would be a strong contender for the top 3 worst games in that time.

Quick thoughts.... on 22:33 - Oct 23 with 594 viewsjdf987

Oh yeah and don’t forget the virgin Section 6 boys are ‘loyal supporters’

Quick thoughts.... on 22:35 - Oct 23 with 568 viewsJDB23

Peterborough will finish above us.

Agree with Garbutt, I don't think he's looked particularly good in that role in any game, much better in a more attacking position. Time to bring Kenlock back?? Maybe not.

Quick thoughts.... on 22:43 - Oct 23 with 527 viewsLankHenners

Garbutt in particular looked like he was completely clueless as to what he was meant to do (though this applied to pretty much everyone else) - never pushed high enough up the pitch and never had much of an option down the line so ended up playing what would be over generous to call a percentage ball to nobody.

Skuse too sloppy/casual on the ball though was the only one challenging for 50/50s, 2nd balls etc. We need Downes back who’s great at that job.

Far too easy for Rotherham to win the ball at the back, knock it into an unchallenged midfielder who’d then tonk it to one of the big men who almost every time were able to do *something* with it. Call it agricultural, functional, whatever, it was very simplistic and we just didn’t put up anywhere near of a fight to deal with it.

Once Lambert realises he needs to calm down the rotation and get a good 442 going we’ll pick it back up again.

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