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This "spying" at Derby thing 23:13 - Jan 11 with 2157 viewsNthsuffolkblue

Can't see a thread on it here but what do people think? As Charlie Nicholas says hasn't it always happened? Isn't it up to clubs to secure their training grounds if they are doing anything in training they don't want opposition to be aware of?

I find it strange Lampard (and others) are making such a deal over it and yet he says he won't report It to the FA. On what grounds was the chap removed by the police? Was he actually on private property?

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This "spying" at Derby thing on 09:15 - Jan 12 with 144 viewsSwansea_Blue

This "spying" at Derby thing on 09:09 - Jan 12 by hampstead_blue

Listening to Jermaine Jenas on 5 live yesterday you'd have thought someone had stolen the crown jewels.

This is a non-story.
Leeds are doing nothing wrong. Sending a scout to a match to watch them prepare is a good idea.
So long as no laws are broken, go for it.

I'd expect small drones to be sent up to video training sessions.

Nothing wrong with that. If it's secret, do it indoors.

When the Rugby WC was on we had the All Blacks train at Swansea Uni. They cordoned off the training pitches with boards like you have around construction sites and had very heavy security (especially around any nearby trees, tall buildings). Speaking to the Sports Centre guys they also were watching for drones, and had a way of taking them down. At this was before they really took off (pun intended!).

Sports teams get a bit twitchy about these things seemingly.

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This "spying" at Derby thing on 10:35 - Jan 12 with 107 viewsfactual_blue

Back in Shankly's day, much was made of the myth of the 'Liverpool Boot Room', where tactics were talked through and ways of dealing with specific teams planned.

I recall from some football autobiography or another that the secret of the Liverpool Boot Room was simply that Joe Fagan and Bob Paisley invited the away team coaches in there for a post-match scotch, and got their secrets that way.

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