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Lambert - Burley 11:00 - Jan 19 with 831 viewsFrimleyBlue

Anyone else feel like we re back to 94 where we are more than likely down. But could possibly have our best years ahead again.

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Lambert - Burley on 12:00 - Jan 19 with 728 viewsjpring89

100% just feels right.

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Lambert - Burley on 12:10 - Jan 19 with 705 viewsKeaneish

Absolutely. It's been nothing but enjoyable since he walked through the door. He makes every manager since Burley look vastly inferior given his understanding of the fabric of this club.

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Lambert - Burley on 12:38 - Jan 19 with 654 viewschristiand

PL should be excited as well when he looks at the talent coming through below the first team, he could really build something here.
[Post edited 19 Jan 2019 12:40]

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Lambert - Burley on 13:00 - Jan 19 with 601 viewsclive_baker

Cause he’s white and Scottish? Bit racial mate

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Lambert - Burley on 13:01 - Jan 19 with 599 viewswkj

Not quite, no.

Though there is a bit more hope.

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Lambert - Burley on 13:19 - Jan 19 with 548 viewsCheltenham_Blue

This. Exactly this.

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