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Isn't the solution to the brexit problem... 13:26 - Mar 15 with 3943 viewsGavTWTD

To come up with one (or more) deal with the EU (such as Canada+++ or whatever), and decide on the deal we want?

If our politicians/parties can't be trusted to have a free vote, then there should be another referendum WITHOUT REMAIN AS AN OPTION. People say we shouldn't have another referendum, but shirley that depends on the question asked/votable answers? If it's purely "we've decided to leave, we now must choose how we leave".

The initial question was far too vague. The PM then had these red lines that she derived from the in/out question alone (no idea how she got them) and we're stuck in this impasse.

Apologies for another brexit thread.

Edit, sorry I mean without REMAIN as an option. Doh

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Isn't the solution to the brexit problem... on 09:52 - Mar 17 with 199 viewseireblue

Isn't the solution to the brexit problem... on 10:41 - Mar 16 by Lord_Lucan

There are none so blind...............

For that to make sense, you would need to provide examples of the EU being “sneaky”, that is over and above simply negotiating in their best interests.
Isn't the solution to the brexit problem... on 12:47 - Mar 17 with 163 viewsChurchman

Isn't the solution to the brexit problem... on 13:55 - Mar 15 by dryas

No. What needs to happen is that politicians and the media are honest with the electorate. There is no point having Canada+++ or Norway or Common Market 2.0. Either stay in the EU and have all the benefits and be part of the decision making process or leave and find our own way in the world. Remaining HAS to stay as an option in a referendum.

Brave politicians would actually be saying something like: you know what, a decision of this magnitude should never have been made in a referendum or, if it was going to be should have been using a super majority. We have tried to put into action a response to the ADVISORY referendum but it's clear it isn't in your best interests and agreement cannot be reached. Therefore we advise the people we remain in the EU.

Agree entirely with this. They asked for a binary decision on a complex issue based on ignorance and lies (on both sides) then wedded themeslves to it despite it being an advisory vote. They are clearly acting only in the perceived interests of their political parties, not the people, and none have the courage to go down the kind of road suggested by dryas.

If the decision to hold a referendum nearly 3 years ago based on lies was democratic, why is a referendum based on known facts undemocratic? It was stupid to call a referendum in the first place and we all know why the clown did it, but another referendum might just be the only solution out of this sorry mess. If it was my decision I’d say it was an advisory vote, we’ve tried, failed, retract article 50 and resign - and take a long holiday far away. The hysterics would be long and loud, but business would have some certainty and government could start addressing some of our neglected domestic issues.

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