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Chambers?! 22:36 - Oct 2 with 576 viewshenryblue

Where on earth is the berating of Chambers on here? Is he literally untouchable by the fans because he talks a good game and does a fist pump when we win? Luke Chambers is so far out of his depth and thankfully for him a McCarthy style of football shadowed this because all Mick relied on him doing was getting in the way and walloping the ball into no mans land. Excruciatingly slow when the ball is played in behind him, completely unforgivable passing which leads to a killer goal after 15 minutes and endless thumping of the ball when an actual footballer like Chalobah comes and asks for it in midfield. And as for Knudsen lord almighty he is astoundingly bad going forward, the deliveries today were sunday league but he has been the main culprit of this for a long time and is by far and away the worst left back at the club for a decade at least.

And you know what I blame Hurst because he has had time now to recognise this and try something different but no wonder it's the same old when he plays Mick's best boys in Chambers, Knudsen and Skuse.

Tonight was horrifying and don't let this idea of a decent second half get to your head because a Pulis side has already won the game at 2-0 up and they were very happy to let us play.

Atrocious, clueless and painful. We're going nowhere fast.

Chambers?! on 22:38 - Oct 2 with 542 viewsLankHenners

Because everyone can see it was a terrible error and not worth discussing and he's far from the biggest problem at the moment.

Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand.
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Chambers?! on 22:39 - Oct 2 with 521 viewsTheTrueBlue1878

I don’t think Chambers was bad at all, think you saw the good and the bad with him tonight. Yes he made a mistake but this is Championship football no Champions League. I can’t think of too many occasions he has let us down like that.
But you seem to forget that he made a double last ditch tackle in the second half, some tremendous work at the Bolton game for the Jackson sending off.

Agree with Chalobah comments

And Knudsen was horrendous, let him see out his contract please. He’s a long ball down the channel/ astray passing/ can’t deliver the ball into the box specialist.

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Chambers?! on 22:41 - Oct 2 with 483 viewsflimflam

Chambers has been one of our best players this season and anyone who says otherwise need to have a word with themselves, Massive mistake tonight though but he is not our biggest problem at the moment.

Chambers?! on 22:48 - Oct 2 with 433 viewsGarv

Been one of our best this season.

Could have hoofed into the channel to Jackson who would have been unable to control it, instead he tried to play it on the ground. Executed it horribly.

Move on.

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