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boris in talks 23:00 - Sep 10 with 536 viewsjaykay

boris have found some people to spin his brexit to.

boris in talks on 23:07 - Sep 10 with 520 viewsNthsuffolkblue

A dangerous audience. The kid nearly said "do you know the name of any other European capital cities?"

Nice to see he has learnt to tuck his shirt in, even if he does still have to splay his legs as far as possible. He smiled an evil grin when pointing out that "he ratted on the promise".

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boris in talks on 23:30 - Sep 10 with 499 viewswkj

This is shot like a fkin mockumentary, jesus wept

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boris in talks on 07:27 - Sep 11 with 407 viewsWeWereZombies

Answering questions without putting his hand up! Speaking before teacher asks him to!

Should have been sent to stand in the corridor until the headmaster walked past and grilled him on what he had done wrong - although four hours later I suspect the headmaster would have wished he had never asked...

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