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Scenes 21:20 - Apr 13 with 8872 viewsunstableblue

Now those are fans....

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You big girl. (n/t) on 14:22 - Apr 15 with 817 viewsDefault_User

You big girl. (n/t) on 07:48 - Apr 14 by Bloots

Did you just assume its gender?

I love to shag cups.
Poll: Is it too soon to sack Hurst?

Scenes on 14:55 - Apr 15 with 779 viewsBanksterDebtSlave

Scenes on 14:06 - Apr 15 by Lord_Lucan

I'd be interested in any links if you have time

Think this is it....

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Scenes on 19:28 - Apr 15 with 682 viewsvapour_trail

That is astonishing.

Not seen much like that in a moment of utter adversity. I think Leeds may have carried their players on shoulders from the pitch when they came down from the PL, but never seen anything so visceral.

Fair play to everyone in that stadium.

Trailing vapour since 1999.
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Scenes on 20:36 - Apr 15 with 624 viewsLegendofthePhoenix

It's a funny old game. In the 50 -odd years I have been supporting Ipswich, this season has given me possibly my proudest ever moment to be an Ipswich fan. Unbelievable.

Scenes on 00:08 - Apr 16 with 519 viewscaught-in-limbo

There's the player of the season award winner, right THERE!

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Scenes on 03:25 - Apr 16 with 477 viewsBenters2

Scenes on 21:30 - Apr 13 by Lord_Lucan

That is genuine class.

It is class yes,I just feel so gutted about it though,seeing us go down and all that.

Hopefully we can have a great season next season and come straight back up.

Scenes on 10:03 - Apr 16 with 362 viewsN2_Blue

I've watched this everyday since Saturday and still makes me slightly emotional. Now to show this every Saturday next year.
Imagine the place if the team can get a few wins together. Next season is not going to be easy, can could easily be very disappointing should we not be able to get back up but i think some excitement and passion that we've not seen in sometime may return.
We have to forget we shouldn't be here, we are L1 and have to deal with it. For many clubs it has taken 2 steps back to go forward, we have to make sure we are the same.
Love this club!
Scenes on 14:01 - Apr 16 with 297 viewsSuffolkGoon

Scenes on 11:33 - Apr 15 by Heathlander

Went to watch Feyenoord on Saturday so wasn't there to see this. Saw it on video when I got back. It brought tears to my eyes. That was more special than anything I saw in Rotterdam from their fans who are supposed to be classed as some of the best.

If we can keep this atmosphere going then anything is possible. Fair play to Blue Action.

Uppa Towen.

PS Everyone in Holland who I spoke to when asked where we were from and after telling them Ipswich they all without fail said said " Ahhh Ipswich Town" .

Always wanted to go to Feyenoord, what was it like? Could you recommend anywhere to stay, things to do, looking to go for a long weekend next season?

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