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Pret a Manger allergy death 10:04 - Sep 26 with 4903 viewsCrawfordsboot

The death of 15 year old Natasha is tragic for all concerned and something that would be devastating for any family. As I understand it from press reports Natasha suffered from a number of allergies and a severe allergy to sesame seeds, to the extent that the family carried epipens in case of a reaction.

Whist not wanting to deny the responsibility for food retailers to label products fully in accordance with the law the press comment appears to me to be somewhat one sided. Where someone has a known severe allergy is there no responsibility on the individual/family not to buy general products on the high street or in an airport where they are likely to encounter a degree of uncertainty about ingredients. Alternatively when buying a product surely someone with such known and severe allergy problems should have been primed to automatically ask for confirmation of ingredients.

It seems to me that responsibility here rests not just with Pret A Manger.
on 11:13 - Sep 27 with 317 views_

Pret a Manger allergy death on 11:06 - Sep 27 by Ryorry

I replied to things I was challenged on, shocking I know

Pret a Manger allergy death on 11:14 - Sep 27 with 314 viewsRyorry

Pret a Manger allergy death on 09:56 - Sep 27 by caught-in-limbo

Of course, good information must be available for people to make informed decisions but when the risk is such that you're effectively putting your life in another person's hands, it's best to avoid those situations if you can.

Sure, legally PrĂȘt a Manger may be in the wrong but it's no real victory for the family if the company is found guilty and fined.

As I've said before, some people with allergies are extremely hard pushed to find enough to eat which gives them anything like a varied enough diet to avoid malnutrition. I myself don't go on holiday because of this. However, if an item is packaged and labelled, the family have read and asked staff about it. but that labelling does not include a known allergen which is nevertheless present, then the family have been responsible themselves.

Agree with your last para of course, but it's natural for the family to want the company exposed, even if only to warn other people with allergies about the company and its products.

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